One out of every 11,600 people in San Francisco is a billionaire

Statistics like that throw into sharp relief the challenge for Silicon Valley and its leaders in 2019: They are stereotyped, and perhaps not unfairly, as out of touch with the people whose lives they affect around the world. If you’re a billionaire who dines with other billionaires, skis with other billionaires, and raises your family alongside other billionaires, then maybe your work decisions are based on a narrow understanding of the world outside of San Francisco.

Vox, 9 May 2019

I do find that many products coming from USA are too much connected with a certain kind of culture, ignoring peoples’ needs in their aseptic form; ie. a apparel covers the need of body protection, while many “apps” – but I should say business models like Uber of that of food delivery — covers needs for a certain model of economics that only with time spreads elsewhere generating nightmares.

Nightmares like really poor people running all over the city I live in, for Glovo or other firms, with stolen bikes, dirty food bags and without any form of ‘social care’ for their being workers.

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