202 days in the new era

This is my MacBook’s notification of missing Time Machine’s back-up in my office NAS.

Two hundred and two days of ‘smart’ work from home, with me living in a way that I could never imagine prior to March 5th, 2020.

I’m living my family, my home, my incomes in new way. And I cannot imagine when and how it’ll be when (if) we get back to our ‘old life’. When the lockdown measures were at their maximum I begun to feel like living in a social experiment. Can a State hold in their house all its citizens? They did, with Fear.

Now the Fear is still here, we’ve become a little more accustomed to it, but it’s real. The experiment is now outside our homes, in our entire society. I do fear the aftermaths of the dropping of gross domestic product in our life, and how the States will behave waiting for a vaccine to COVID-19. If as a society we will begin to redesign our places …

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