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Hello there & Welcome to this weblog!

Who am I?

My name is Nicola Losito, and I’m a married, male, southern, italian guy, born in 1974 which is in love with mechanics and after some study in mechanical engineering in 1999 fell in love with computing and changed his life getting a Computer Science degree at Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.

I love spending my spare time with my wife, going around with motorbike or reading some science-fiction book, comics, mangas or some technical magazine.

kOoLiNuS @ MarCamp, 2007

Me during the 2nd BarCamp in Italy
MarCamp, Ancona – 2007

What do I do?

the servers I manageSo, after getting my Computer Science degree back in 2005, I’ve started working full-time teaching “applicative software” to dumb people {with the help of a Sign Language interpreter}. Closed that experience I’ve started a part-time job as ICT consultant for some local, mid-sized architectural & engineering studio. On January 2007 I’ve started working at C.N.R. in Bari’s unit of the Institute for Biomedical Technologies (ITB) as a contract researcher, while since last year I’m a technical collaborator.

My role is to maintain up-&-running our servers on which websites, wiki, bio-applications and related web-services runs. I’m also “ the help-desk” guy.

Anyway I’m constantly searching for other job opportunities to improve my skills and wallet  ;-) … So have a look at my LinkedIn profile and see if I’m the right person for your next project!

When I’m not working you can see me hanging out on the web…

Me and the Web (2.0 and beyond)


Since february 2003 my main web activity is to run my self-hosted blog kOoLiNuS.net (in italian).


In october 2005 I decided it would be fun and interesting to open a blog available to a broader, worldwide audience and opened a Blogger space. A couple of months later – in january 2006 – I’ve moved here on the WordPress.com free blog hosting service platform, which I find to be perfect if you want to concentrate on contents and keep the maintenance work on the bare minimum. The initial kOoL Solutions name was born due to a trick with my nickname and the “Cool Solutions” site from Novell … at the time I was really into openSUSE and actively posting about that topic. Then I’ve moved away from openSuSE and set it to the one you see in the title now.


Since December 2013 I’m the co-admin of the italian network of blog of Tevac, on of the oldest and long time running Apple-related forum & community.

Everything Else

A summary and more up-to-date profile of all my most prominent web activities is available on the  fancy About.Me page.

I support

hacker_badge_80x15noSwPatentsCentOS GNU/Linux – ubuntu

this blogger is a Mac OS X userWordPress

I’ve been an active member of Italian Linux Society, Association for the Free Software and also and a member of my local LUG: LUG Bari the Italian Linux Distro Network Association. I’ve also build up a collaboration with italian nanopublishing network Blogo.it on their Free and Open Source Software blog: OSSblog.it.

I follow some Linux & Free Software oriented mailing lists and collaborate to the portals, the forums and some of the projects run by the ILDN people. With them I’ve created and moderated the only suse & fedora mailing list available in italian.

Also I go back and forth with the Ubuntu community, the CentOS, Mandriva and the openSUSE communities in my country. Currently on my servers I run CentOS and on my desktop I run Fedora starting the transition to Ubuntu.

… and Apple computers & operating systems

At the end of june 2006, due to technical unavailability of any other personal pc at home (GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows based) with the leftovers of my earnings I have brought a white Apple MacBook. Since then Macs have become my primary computers.


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