Your Privacy: the Apple and iPhone take

In Italy on TV we’re being introduced to one of the latest ads by Apple: the spot Private Side indulging over the security and privacy options given by an iPhone (but the hidden message is that you can find that in all the Apple product line).

While this is not false, it’s also not entirely true and as the Mozilla Foundation makes us notice in one of their blog’s article Apple can – and should – do more. For example they could take a different approach to the unique Advertising ID each device holds.

Yep! Each phisical device has a unique ID to identify you for advertizers … and you can limit its features and even renew and “randomize” it on some time interval. But that should be the default and not an option. Mozilla started a petion for this cause.

I’ve signed the petition, and invited you to do the same HERE.

If you have an iPhone (or an iPad or a 4th gen AppleTV) you can change the default behaviour of this feature following the official Apple Support instructions: Opt out of interest-based ads in the App Store and Apple News.

A Word on Empathy

We are so zoomed into our consumers, observing them as if they are a new species from another planet, we fail to see the bigger picture. The culture, politics, philosophy, environment, TV shows, books, movies, art, fashion – the world at large. We will not understand what people need and want by simply observing them. We have to experience their world for ourselves. It’s only then we can change it.

Tobias van Schneider

suggested reads for March 31, 2019

drinking HOT coffee, tea can hurt you

An interesting find by a this study:

Drinking very hot tea linked with risk of 1 type of oesophageal cancer

“Drinking piping hot tea or coffee could ‘double your risk of developing tumours in the oesophagus’,” reports the Mail Online. A study of more than 50,000 people in Iran showed that those who drank 700ml (about 2 to 3 mugs) of black tea a day at temperatures of 60C or above were almost twice as likely to go on to get oesophageal cancer during 10 years of follow-up in the study, compared with people who drank tea at lower temperatures.

Windows 7, adieu

Life’s so funny when you’re enjoying it! 😈

After 10 years one of the most successful operating systems made in Redmond has reached is reaching its End-Of-Life the 14th January 2020. Users still running Windows 7 on their PCs in those days are being prompted to do an upgrade (software and maybe even hardware) to their systems.

Here at work we’ve migrated to Windows 10 some time ago, and apart two machines, used for specific purposes only we do not have any Windows 7 installation running.

I do hope you’ve done the same, or better have migrated to other systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro or — well, you know I’m a  guy! — to a Mac). If you haven’t I do strongly suggest to take an action, since in this iper-connected world it’s vital to have upgraded systems exposed ‘to the web’.

A couple of friends told me that up to this date the free (as in beer) upgrade from previous systems to Windows 10 is still working, even if officially it has stopped a couple of years ago. Just download the Media Creation Tool directly from Microsoft, create a bootable USB pen and proceed with the upgrade.