suggested reads for May 7, 2023

For the first time, as far as I can remember, I had to write this post in Chrom* … doing it in my Firefox browser made the page freeze, and in the last weeks with Safari I saw very slow loading of the blocks available when choosing them in the editor.

This is strange, really strange, and worth an investigation during the next days.

suggested reads for April 30, 2023

suggested reads for April 24, 2023

I do also want to put in evidence those two Italian posts. You can use some translation tool to read what they say. Let me know if you want help and if you enjoyed them!

You Are Not Okay and Tomorrow Will Come

So that’s what I tell them.

You can feel sad and you can do five math problems.

You can be nervous and write the last paragraph of your essay.

You can be anxious and pick up trash in the hallway.

You can feel mad and eat a piece of fruit.

And nothing will really be fixed, but then, it wasn’t really going to get fixed anyway. But maybe they’ll be a little bit better at algebra or feel a little bit healthier.

It’s not magic advice, but sometimes the nudge is enough to put things in motion again.

Emily Kingsley

suggested reads for April 9, 2023