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Download Shuttle

Don’t know how many of you who are reading now this post have memories of the infinite time a download needed in times when all you had were dial-up phone lines or DSL begun coming to our houses. Parents screamed for the occupied line, obtaining a software was a conquer and magazines gave cd-roms or DVD to ease this process. Waiting for the next issue was the fastest way (in most of the situations) to have the newest release of your favorite GNU/Linux distro…

One of the most used trick was to use software that split, and then concatenate, your downloads. In that way you used the most of the resources available by your ‘repository’ and shorten the time needed.

Over this simple concept is build Download Shuttle, an utility for ours Mac OS X systems. The app is provided also with modules to install as extensions for Safari and Google Chrome so to become the default handler for all our download needs in the browser.

Also in these days the app is distributed for free – as in gratis – over the Mac AppStore.

Download Shuttle in action 01

These two last screenshots were taken earlier today when I had to download – fast – this big PDF file in the shortest time possible and I’m publishing them here so to prove what my experiences in the last two months of usage have given me. Short download times, fastest download speed…

Download Shuttle in action 02

Don’t miss your chance to obtain it for free. You’ll never know when it’ll become useful…

Things do Jobs

Things do Jobs →

… is an amazing Tumblr space, born this january which shows with beautiful photographies how smartphones (iPhone, in facts) have entirely replaced a number of hardware we used to use in differents life’s situations.

I have to say thank to my pal Filippo Corti for putting it in evidence on his fantastic – mostly italian – blog BicycleMind.

If you want a bigger iPhone, stretch your hand

Twitter reachability by right thumb map

My subscription to the Sidebar newsletter made emerge from lots of news this article by Dmitry Kovalenko  over  the pages of Medium. Over his long and detailed post

The Big Reason Why iOS8 Sucks

Dmitry explained how the latest iOS release from Apple didn’t evolve in terms of usability and design paradigms to pair the effectiveness of the bigger screen size and the way our hand works. Only in the last months developers are taking chance to move things around, but there are still too many compromises and better solutions are needed.

Do a favour to yourself, and read his article…

Transloader, download a file on your Mac while working with your iPhone / iPad

Transloader running on a Mac

Ever come across a large zip or dmg file you wanted to download on your iPhone? Of course, you can’t do it. But with Transloader, you can. How? Transloader lets you download URLs from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly to your Mac via iCloud.

Today, thanks to TwoDollarsTuesday, this amazing app by Matthias Gansrigler – founder & main developer of Eternal Storms Software – has been available with a stunning -67% discounted price.

With Transloader you can get the URLs to any kind of file you discover while reading an email, a feed or a post while you’re on the move with your iPhone (or iPad and iPod touch too) and it will sync them to your Mac for download. The iOS app is freely available, while the OS X “client” is the application you pay for.

The app is extremely useful – to me at least!!! – and Matthias Gansrigler is that cool kind of developer always willing to give an hand, offer support and – amazingly – even promo codes to his most loyal followers (don’t you believe me? check him out!).

MacJREInstaller and Oracle’s Java install application

Originally posted on Der Flounder:

Part of Oracle’s new install application for Java is a binary named MacJREInstaller. This application appears to be what installs Java and governs whether or not the toolbar gets deployed.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.00.10 PM

For context, MacJREInstaller appears to be the helper tool referenced when the Java install application prompts for admin privileges.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 3.52.13 PM

Based on observation, when running the Java install application, MacJREInstaller appears to run the following tasks:

1. Checks to see if it can contact the internet

2. If it can contact the internet, checks back with Oracle to see what country it’s in. Oracle apparently is selective about which nations it wants to have the browser settings and toolbar installed (thanks to a Canadian colleague’s testing, it appears Canada is not one of the nations.)

3. If it determines the Mac in question is in a country where Oracle wants to deploy the browser settings and toolbar…

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Via @saddington I’ve discovered the birth of a new Apple-related podcast. I’m not really into them, since I don’t have any free time to listen speeches… and during my daily 45 minutes car driving commute between work/home I need music to relax from the stress of uneducated italian drivers.

What hit me is the look & feel of the website. Which isn’t new at all, but I dig it anyway…

macintosh-fm logo