When I Grow Up

When I grow up
I’ll be the hero
Of my story book
I’ll start at zero
And rise and fall
And rise and fall again
My head, my heart
I’ll fly into the wind

When I grow up
The sun will greet me
And every day
I’ll meet it completely
I’ll catch each wave and swim until I’m tired
I’ll practice every move, so inspired

When I grow up I’ll be good and strong
I’ll create a world where I belong
When I grow up

When I grow up
I’ll be who I want to
I’ll take every turn
With purpose and see through
The ups and downs
The hills, the starry skies
The beautiful beginning and reprise

When I grow up — credits
released 29 July 2014
Jennifer O’Connor – vocals, guitar, bass, handclaps
Amy Bezunartea – background vocals, handclaps
Tom Beaujour – guitar solo, handclaps and recording/production
Recorded at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ on July 14, 2014

How many megapixels do you need?

So how many megapixels do you need? Here’s the shortest answer we can muster: for most purposes 3MP is plenty, but you might want to shoot at around 8MP for the crispest possible details. 8MP is a sensible minimum for big prints and 4K TVs, and even higher resolutions allow you to crop photos without sacrificing quality too much. However, make sure that very high resolutions are matched by an equivalent increase in sensor size.
Ben Pitt, DPreview | How many megapixels do you need? →

breaking Apple Touch-ID

We hope that this finally puts to rest the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics. It is plain stupid to use something that you can´t change and that you leave everywhere every day as a security token

said Frank Rieger, spokesperson of the CCC.

The public should no longer be fooled by the biometrics industry with false security claims. Biometrics is fundamentally a technology designed for oppression and control, not for securing everyday device access.

Fingerprint biometrics in passports has been introduced in many countries despite the fact that by this global roll-out no security gain can be shown.

iPhone users should avoid protecting sensitive data with their precious biometric fingerprint not only because it can be easily faked, as demonstrated by the CCC team. Also, you can easily be forced to unlock your phone against your will when being arrested. Forcing you to give up your (hopefully long) passcode is much harder under most jurisdictions than just casually swiping your phone over your handcuffed hands.

→ Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

iOS 7 on the iPhone 4: New lease on life or death sentence?

… the iPhone 4 and iOS 7 just can’t quite provide an experience that’s up to Apple’s usual standard. Apply the update if there’s an iOS 7 feature (or an iOS 7-only app) that you need in your life, but our recommendation now would either be to wait for potential performance boosts in a future iOS 7 update or to start looking into a new iPhone 5C or 5S.

Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica ☞ New lease on life or death sentence? iOS 7 on the iPhone 4

iphoneography in journalism

The Chicago Sun-Times has so much faith and belief in the photographic capabilities of the iPhone that it has fired all of its 28-strong team of staff photographers.

Robert Feder, the a media blogger in Chicago and formerly the Sun-Times’ Media Critic, said: “Sun-Times reporters begin mandatory training today on ‘iPhone photography basics’ following elimination of the paper’s entire photography staff,” in a post to Facebook following a memo from the managing editor at the Sun-Times.

via Chicago Tribune

I’m not sure on how I feel about this. Seems a rush toward a least common multiple approach over the news handling…

DataWiz – free mobile data management

Take control of your data and stay within your budget with Datawiz!

With DataWiz, users can precisely monitor mobile device usage and predict future usage based on current habits. You can maximize usage without going over your monthly mobile bill. This innovative technology, developed by the great minds at Princeton University’s EDGE Lab, empowers you to take control of your mobile data plan and keep expenses within your budget.

With a sleek, user-friendly interface, easy-to-understand visual graphs, data usage quota caps, and regular alerts, you’ll never go over your limit.

The app comes free (as in speech) from and it’s also available for the Android friends out there, too … I’m just wondering if it’s a battery drainder for my iPhone like the last one I tested was (even if it was reliable and easy to use).

Do you have any direct experience with that?