Tomcat 7, munin and Ubuntu 14.04

Lately I had to reconfigure an Ubuntu 14.04 server.
Dealing with Tomcat 7 I’ve encountered those two situations:

Enable larger file uploads via Tomcat manager

I had a ~180 war file to deploy. Ubuntu’s Tomcat setting put a limit at 50MB. This has been solved using the tips in this post by skotfred. Unfortunately I haven’t found a more orthodox way of achieving this other than modify the /usr/share/tomcat7-admin/manager/WEB-INF/web.xml in the values max-file-size and max-request-size.

Enable Tomcat monitoring in Munin

Here I’ve followed the tips over this Serverfault discussions.
Adding a [tomcat_ *] was the key.


Friday I gave you the URL of the most recent website I’ve realized for my AllBio assignment here at ITB, Bari. The “NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis Workshop” that will be held here in Bari (Italy) in April.

After a slow start, updates and details will be more frequent in the next weeks, so be sure to follow the News section of the website to be kept up-2-date.

CPU choosing

Intel® Xeon E5-4600 quad-CPU diagram

For all of us managing servers for HPC or NGS data analysis the task of choosing a new system, its architecture, the CPU and everything is sometimes a real nightmare. Thousands of acronyms, marketing fluff, soaring benchmarks have most of the time the only result of confuse the poor sysadmin.

So it was with great pleasure that I’ve discovered a nice ‘blog‘ speaking in human language about (blade) servers: →

For example it’s article 4 Socket Blade Server–Which Intel CPU Do You Choose? helped me a lot to better understand the differences between the Intel’s E7 and E5 CPU product lines. With these acquired knowledges now I can dig further in some more technical papers and products’ cheat sheets.

Do you know more resources like this one? Let me know in the comments!

builing a website for a workshop / meeting

So, nearly a month ago I’ve deployed online with the COST Workshop Barcelona 2013 event website, prepared in a fast-and-furious mode since deadline was approaching and the number of things to do for the committee where overwhelming, so they’ve asked me to help.

To realize that I’ve relied on an old friend of mine, WordPress, that once more confirmed to be a perfect choice to have good-looking and functional, vital, websites.


For the template I choose the free (as in speech) Squirrel theme released from InkThemes, which is a feature-reduced version of the full premium themes. But this didn’t worried me since the good design and code it sports in the free version. Also the static home page layout of the theme is really eye-catching with the right choice of opening images.

A design aware use of the widgets and some plugins made the rest possible and easily re-doable. Among those plugins I find that worth a mention are:

Hope you are enjoying this “disclosure” 😉

welcome Nilmini

Last week I started playing around with this website redesign. So you may have noticed some changes around. The background of this is still WordPress powered.

For the template part I choose to use this Nilmini theme from deutch foundry called Elmastudio. This is an inexpensive premium theme that offer a lot of cool functionalities, many of which I think are mandatory in today’s web:

  • Cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 7,8,9, Android, iOS)
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • modern, minimalist design [OK, that’s a personal preference]
  • Responsive Web Design for viewing on different screen sizes and mobile devices (Tablet PCs, Smart Phones)
  • WordPress Post Formats (tumblr-like blogging)
  • translation-ready, available in English, Dutch/German, French (translation by Benoit Deldicque) and Italian (translation by yours truly 😀 )
  • RTL language support

The ones put in evidence are the most notable ones, giving any reader the opportunity to enjoy at it’s best what a website has to offer. Unfortunately many web-resources today are still not ready for this and, at the better, rely on plugins to offer a decent “non desktop” web surfing experience.

Here’s some screenshots of the site overall look (made last sunday, so maybe today something could be slightly different). Let me know in the comments what you think!