European Drupal Days – Milano 2015

A 3-day event called European Drupal Days, completely held in English, will consist of Conference, Workshops and Code Sprints and will take place in Milan on 19, 20 and 21 March 2015.

This is its official website:

The event will be hosted in a prestigious location, Michelangelo Hotel, a 4-Star Business hotel located not far from the city center.

We are pleased to have already confirmed the presence of important European speakers such as Ivo Radulovski, Kris Buytaert, Pedro Cambra, Josef Dabernig, Wolfgang Ziegler, Matthias Noback, Morten, Boy Baukema, Chris Jansen, Claudio Beatrice and others. Their knowledge and experience guarantee a high level of talks and workshops and therefore a high level of the whole event.

The main goal of European Drupal Days is to bring such an event at European level to Italy (for the first time), contribute to the Drupal Community, gather the specialists and give people a possibility to share and exchange their knowledge, experience, ideas and opinions.

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Considerando in retrospettiva il mio lungo percorso, quello di coetanei e colleghi e delle giovani reclute che si sono affiancate a noi, credo di poter affermare che nella ricerca scientifica, né il grado di intelligenza né la capacità di eseguire e portare a termine con esattezza il compito intrapreso, siano i fattori essenziali per la riuscita e la soddisfazione personale. Nell’una e nell’altra contano maggiormente la totale dedizione e il chiudere gli occhi davanti alle difficoltà: in tal modo possiamo affrontare problemi che altri, più critici e acuti, non affronterebbero.
Rita Levi Montalcini

SeqAhead Workshop on High Performance Computing for Next Generation Sequencing analysis

Next Generation Sequencing has brought unprecedented volumes of data to the bioinformatics arena. Cost reduction in NGS forecasts massive adoption of these technologies by the genome research community. High Performing Computing might be a necessary choice for an efficient processing and analysis of this daunting amount of data.

The HPC4NGS SeqAhead workshop presents recent advances in the application of High Performing Computing solutions for NGS. The workshop covers HPC developments for assembly, mapping, RNA-seq, variant analysis, and more and it is targeted to bioinformaticians and computer scientists with interest in NGS.

I had the chance to participate to this nice workshop at the Bioinformatics Institute of the “Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe” in Valencia this week and it was amazing to discover many new talented colleagues, their projects and some interesting approaches to those same issue I live at work everyday and witness a growing, real, appreciation for us “IT guys” in this biologist’s driven world which today Bio-Informatics is…