Mandriva 2007.1 Spring Free edition, download available

mandriva Well, today there are good news for the Mandriva supporters and users (or just curious) out there and is that Mandriva 2007.1 has been released.

This time, also, the Free edition has been made available to public download before the Club edition one. To help people interested in the download I’ll make a brief summary of what’s available right now.

First of all we have the Release Notes for this new 2007.1 edition.

The official Mandriva wiki pages for the release are:

Also probaby for the first time in a while – as a fellow Mandriva Italia‘s community user has noticed – there’s an actual tour page showing what’s new about the distro.

Probably you will have read this somewhere else too, but it’s the case to underline how with the 2007.1 release, Mandriva has made the epochal move of the inclusion of many proprietary or closed drivers for the distro contained in a separated non-free folder on it’s mirrors. Please notice those drivers are not included on the ISO files, so you will have to choose and enable the appropriate repository to get those non-free packages.

Main page for downloading Mandriva 2007.1 DVD is here, while for the ONE release it’s this.

At this time we have available those 6 ISO files (the dvd one for x86_64 architecture is being worked on) on the mirrors:

So happy download guys!! gets official

mandriva italia star Due to some private life events last week I forgot to share the news that the italian Mandriva users community run by ILDN has gotten the official baptism from the Mandriva Club to be THE italian forum for its community.

Myself is a long time user of the forum, and actually i do collaborate to the publishing of some general interest news and I am responsible for keeping up to date their security announcements section (manually until with the new design of the portal we will introduce support to RSS inclusion).

Here are some passages of the announce: becomes the official Italian forum for the Mandriva CLub. Continuing on the trend initiated by Spain and Germany and followed recently by Brasil, the Mandriva Club is proud to announce its new partnership with the site.


Thanks to, we are now one site bigger, and yet,, like the other community sites stay completly independant with its own identity.

You can read the complete official announcement here.

la Ora, new default theme for Mandriva 2007

In guilty lateness i have discovered that Mandriva guys are creating a new GTK theme for their distro studied to refresh the look of the Galaxy theme they have introduced some time ago.

A little explanation on what’s going on is available in a couple of posts by Frederic Crozat.

Finally, as maybe you’ve seen in the widget here at my right, on my “Linux stuff” photoset i’ve saved other 3 diffent colour variations of it.

Mandriva: One and Inside #2 released

Today Mandriva has released two products few hours ago.

Mandriva One released to the public

Mandriva One 2006, the Mandriva Linux 2006-based live / install CD, has now been released to the public.

Mandriva One is an innovative live CD version of Mandriva Linux which can be used as a normal live CD and also installed to the hard disk through a simple installation wizard available from the desktop. Mandriva One is a fully free and open source distribution which we encourage you to copy and pass on to everyone you know!

It’s also the perfect companion to Mandriva Kiosk, giving you a sleek, fully updated Mandriva Linux 2006 environment which you can easily expand with the Mandriva Kiosk bundles. You can find out where to download Mandriva One from the mirror list on the Mandriva web site. Mandriva Club members will also find Mandriva One in the Club bittorrents section.

The public release version of One has been slightly updated over the version made available to Club members previously, so any Club members who downloaded One before may wish to redownload it now. The special Club edition of One, incorporating commercial applications and drivers not present in the free edition, has also been updated to match the free edition.

Referrals here:

And then also the second issue of their magazine has been published, here it goes the announcement:

Mandriva Linux Inside

The second issue of Mandriva Linux Inside was recently released.
Mandriva Linux Inside is the official e-magazine of the Mandriva Linux community, keeping you up to date with all the news surrounding Mandriva, Mandriva products and Mandriva’s users.

This issue contains features on Mandriva Kiosk and Mandriva One, along with an interview with the founders of Mandriva Brasil (the Brazilian Mandriva community website), the latest news about the development of Mandriva Linux 2007, and several in-depth articles to enhance your knowledge of Mandriva.

You can download Mandriva Linux Inside #2 in PDF format from the Mandriva Club web site.

The Inside team welcome all suggestions and contributions from the Mandriva community: if there’s something you want to tell the rest of the Mandriva world, Inside may well be the best place to do it! You can contact the Inside team at inside AT mandriva DOT com.

Download of the Issue #2 is available here.

shocking news: Gael Duval leaves Mandriva!

mandriva, the end Yesterday night, on an online opensource software italian blog, I read the news about one of the 3 founding member of Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva) leaving the company he had contribuited to create eight years ago.

For sure the company finds herself to a turning point. Most of comments are in the direction of a bad interpretation on the move, which Gael has yet to clarify (and he has promised to do so). Uncertain is the distribution future, if THE founder is leaving the boat, who can believe in the project strongly than him ?

Post on OS News:

Home page of Gael:

“About Us” Mandriva page:

mandriva 2006 Club december edition

As SUSE remains my Linux distro of reference, during the first days of January I had the occasion to install the Mandriva Linux 2006 December Club edition that a friend of mine let me try and install on my primary desktop machine. The installation and the configuration went smoothly as usual, given also the fact that the machine is 5 years old right now and everything is supported by time.

Also I’ve taken the occasion to try the new possibility of Easy Urpmi to configure the Smart Package Manager. Then, for blogging purpouses I took these two screenshot showed here.

Then some things have happened and I forgot I had took them until yesterday when I found the two pics on a “working” folder I had on my laptop …. Suddenly I’ve uploaded them in my Flickr page and for the occasion I’ve created a Flickr Mandriva Group, having in mind the same goals I had when I’ve created the SUSE Flickr Group.

So now also the Mandriva Flickr group is available @

just … SPREAD THE WORD on your favourite blog, mailing list, mandriva forum available !

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unofficial Mandriva 2006 starter guide

Mandriva Linux logoSeems that someone finds useful to catalogue in a clear and accessible way ALL of it’s knowledge on a topic on a wiki.

The univertity of Latvia, has started a wiki section in it’s own wiki called Unofficial Mandriva Linux 2006 Starter Guide.

I’ve taken a quick look at the guide and seem very clearly laid out, and easy to follow in subsequential steps ….

Now, if only I knew where actually is this Univertity of Latvia !

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