why I should _____ openSUSE?


Why openSUSE →

Richard Brown, a long-time SuSE/openSUSE user and now openSUSE Board Chairman & QA Engineer at SUSE explains the pro of being involved – as an user and/or as a developer – with openSUSE project and community. Worth a read!

install SMART package manager on openSUSE 10.3


Are you – like me – feeling uncomfortable with the new dumb interface of the YaST module devoted to the package management ?


Well, relax … you still can install the Smart Package Manager quick and easy ! Just open a shell with administrative rights and do:

zypper sa -r http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/smart/openSUSE_10.3/smart.repo
zypper ref smart
zypper install smart

Then you have to add some repository to it, and for this we will use the Pascal’s pre-made file linked inside the example (you can create a personal config file following that syntax, if you want/need):

smart channel --add http://linux01.gwdg.de/~pbleser/files/smart/opensuse-10.3.txt
smart mirror --add http://linux01.gwdg.de/~pbleser/files/smart/mirrors-eu.txt
smart update

Remember …. the guru’s repository is slowly merging into Packman!

References: the SMART project’s homepage, and obviously the Pascal’s post which I’ve copied😀

openSUSE 10.3, downloads and first screenshots


The new release of openSUSE, the 10.3, is here.

Schermata centro di controllo.png

I’ve just finished the download and I’m proceeding with the DVD burning … and then I’ll keep you informed on how it behaves on my Acer laptop.

If you like you can see some screenshots here and on the official announcement page.

help openSUSE’s YaST to improve


opensuse logo I’ve recently learned about the survey started from openSUSE guys regarding the desiderata of their community based on the most prominent feature of the distro.

I’ve talked about YaST many times in the past, so check that out and take the survey !

This survey is about YaST, the default installation and administration tool for all openSUSE/SUSE Linux products.

If you use openSUSE/SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server through your participation in our survey you support us improving YaST. If you don’t use any of the named openSUSE/SUSE Linux products at all please exit the survey.

The survey will be online until mid November and the results will be published on openSUSE.org.

openSUSE news


openSUSE news logo Did you see the new community project by the openSUSE team ?

A couple of days ago the openSUSE news has born to provide the latest openSUSE news to a wider audience mirroring the project’s most important announcements from the opensuse-announce mailing list, but opening them to the comment’s of people interested in them!

Happy reading.

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