40 questions to ask yourself each year [2020]

Hello and happy new year to you!

I can’t remember where I’ve read about the “40 questions to ask yourself each year idea” by Stephan Ango, but I loved the idea. Instead of making a list of ‘will-do’ I think that taking time to reconsider what happened in the past can give you a better idea of the achievement obtained or that you still want to obtain.

So, if you’re curious, after ‘the jump’ you can read my answers!

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Daily Dad

Be Who You Wish Your Children To Be ☞

You want your son to be strong and to be honest. You want your daughters to be those things, too. You want them to work hard, to help other people, to be respectful to their parents and the people they meet on the street. You want them to be clean and organized, to laugh and to be resilient. 

Of course you want those things. Everyone does. If only there was some magical school where you could send them to learn it. Or some book you could give them to read, right?

Well it turns out there is. Your house is that school.

Friday for Future – March 15th 2019

“I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.”

Greta Thunberg

On quitting

… and the relative impossibility to do that!

Once again I find myself reading out an article on quitting, changing life, changing perspective.

Once again the author is a really talented guy. Nor the average one.

Once again the person quitting comes from a Country on the north of the world. Where everything is really based on merits and where professional profile is very well paid.

I read with amazement, envy, curiosity this behaviour and keep wondering “what about the average person?” … and the below the average person? Does he have to kill himself? In a global competitive world “weaks” do not survive. If I have to live a shitty life as a dishwasher in a big city abroad why bother to chance and go through all the sacrifices?

In these days somebody is warning us of the perils of automation and points to an universal income as a social solution for the masses. I’m not sold to this idea … this is a hypothesis for the far future, I need a solution to my precariousness today.

via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_income

Quitting is easy if you got no boundaries. No mortgage loan on the house you’ve chosen to live in. No partner with extreme difficulty to leave the current job, or do the same one in an all new — alien — place. Parents in good health (or none or with which you have no relationship for any reason), weak family ties.

If you’re young and you can run away, run away from places were meritocracy, honesty, responsibility, good behaviour and respect for the “public thing” are derided. Run and reach the place where you can get the bare minimum you can live with.

If you’re struck here, begin to choose wisely your fights … avoids the ones you can’t win, fight the daily fight to improve the things you do for your job and your immediate vicinity, and try to make this place of yours the best you can.

via https://unsplash.com/@averieclaire

Those are my conclusion to quitting the life I don’t like. Until something broke or drastically changes … and you have to re-evaluate everything once again.

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