Government Surveillance Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

I came to know about this half-an-hour long journalistic report over the  America’s sweeping surveillance programs by John Oliver. He managed to meet with Edward Snowden in person to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics.

The tone of the entire piece tries to be entertaining, but underneath of it one can feel the urgency to discuss this topic, get and informed opinion and take a decision. Which will undoubtedly present failings, but will be a conscious one… and one that could be debated again and again under the light of the Sun.

One final note. Being an european citizen I do care about my right to privacy, and I think our politicians and military figures will have to consider the rights of every human being and not ones who simply are born or live behind an imaginary fence…


i Sassi dell'Adriatico

I’d like to wish you all peace, love, serenity and health to you all. Have a nice Easter day, give an hug to whom you love!


Share a story of personal defeat

Every now and then I try to collect infos and books over a topic. Let’s say text editors.

At university it was Vim; after coming to Mac, years ago, I started documenting over TextMate. Lately it’s been the turn of Sublime Text

I read introductions, how to correctly install, maybe apply a graphical theme to the app (this remembers me I have to post some resources I found over Sublime Text themes) and the first chapter.

Then something comes by and I get distracted. Time passes by, the ebooks/guide remains unread and I use all those extra-useful apps at 0,05% of their power.

For me this kind of behaviour is a personal failure… and sharing those feelings here, I’ve accomplished my participation to the latest task on the Daily Post series over Desk App Community…

Installing the Xcode command line tools on 10.7.x and later


As always a great post on Der Flounder. Check it out!

Originally posted on Der Flounder:

A number of Mac admins need to provide the Xcode Command Line Tools for the Macs in their environments, either as part of building machines or afterwards. To help with this task, I’ve developed a script that will download and install the Xcode Command Line Tools on Macs running 10.7.x and higher. See below the jump for more details.

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help the opening of the All About Apple Museum

All About Apple is THE reference point for the collection of Apple products that, where possible, will be made operating, cataloged and displayed to the public. A group for all fans of the fantastic Apple world. One of its most famous and extraordinary initiatives is the All About Apple Museum →

The All About Apple Museum is the most comprehensive museum in the world containing nearly all the production of Apple’s personal computers from the dawn of 1976 to the present day.

Now the members have started this fundraising campaign to help and finance the builing of the newest, permanent, location of the museum alongside the Savona Port Authority in Italy.

If you’re interested please point your browser to the All About Apple Museum 3.0 initiative. And spread the word!

why so sad?

So being unsettled and wanting more out of life is not a millennial problem or a hipster problem or a ‘whatever new word marketers are using to describe young people’ problem. It’s really a problem of being ‘plugged in’ all the time, and never being given the freedom to shut off.

You need a break. Just retire. Then start on something new. You may fail. But ultimately you’ll thank yourself later.

Paul Cantor on Medium: