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Privacy, May 24th 2018

Where I reply to a post on Privacy by David Shanske.

I was reading David Shanske’s post on Privacy. Begun writing a comment, but then things became a long text, so I’ve decided to write down something here on ‘my place’.


Privacy. The subject is difficult to examine and grasp in all its aspects.

AFAIK personal use of data here in Italy (and Europe? I don’t really know) is legitimate. For example I can collect thousands of phone numbers, email, medical informations (ie. you had varicella in 2000). As long as I keep those data private it’s all ok.

When I begin using those data for business, or share on a local newspaper you (again for example) are HIV positive, well… then things become complicated.

The ‘strange’ things in all of this is that – at least for me and for anyone that has a little common sense – it’s that this GDPR and Cookie Law warns me about stupid things. That you can see my email (which I wrote on purpose to comment on a blog) and see the IP I am using (again, because this is how things works) …

The law does not protect me about any of the use you’re going to do – privately or not, legally or not – about my data. You (as the receiver) can do whatever comes to your mind (like in Cambridge Analytica case). I can confirm my will you’ll use my data for ‘commercial pourpose’ without any limit to what you’ll actually do.

If someone was really interested in our privacy then he should promote the usage of things like TOR or VPN for any internet connection. Would forbid audio & video surveillance that is gone daily by our smartphones or ‘home assistants’, along with any GPS data … Would forbid any technology that fingerprints where we go, who do we talk with (via phone calls or any messaging form), and so on…

And, most of all, instead of bugging us with useless pop-ups, the law should smash down any business that manipulates our data tricking our behaviors.

this is not a quote-only blog

… but if one comes here reading it could seem so. I am a bit sorry about this, but with my little kid at home, some heavy disk errors in the storage at work, time is limited and writing long contents in English is a bit overwhelming for me lately.

Please be patient with this, and take the quotes as suggested reads on the topics that now see me worried / involved about.

Also, thinking at this micro-blog movement that’s going on lately short and ‘personal’ points of view should be the norm… Or not?

Drawing a circle

She didn’t draw 75 failed circles, she drew 75 shapes that looked like circles so that she could give them to her daddy. Her goal wasn’t perfection. Her goal was to try, to make an attempt, and to have fun doing it and then to be happy with the result. Her goal was simply to do something, to take the idea and add action to it, to start and then to finish. To start, and then finish.

Raam Dev

4 kids’ life

Last year I was able to touch the abyss of human despair, together with its moments of pure love and sharing of human experience.
This is why here in the family we have agreed to help the formation of a non-profit organization that deals with the well-being of families whose children were hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units, starting from that of the “Di Venere” Hospital in Bari.

This is how the Bimbintin Bimbi Grandi Sogni Onlus Association was founded last October: despite the lack of experience in the fields of beneficence and fund raising, thanks to the will and commitment of each member, many initiatives are already underway.

The last of which was born thanks to the availability of the nurse Nuccio Lamorgese, in service at the aforementioned NICU, who offered to sponsor with his trip on the road by bike, from Bari to the North Cape, a fundraiser for the purchase of a special latest generation neonatal reanimation bed.
This bed can be placed next to the mother during spontaneous or cesarean delivery allowing mother and baby to remain united through the umbilical cord after childbirth, contributing to the creation of optimal conditions for stabilization of the premature.

You can follow Nuccio’s journey and, above all, contribute with a donation by visiting the website:

And, if you can, please share the initiative anywhere you want…