suggested reads for February 21, 2021

suggested reads for January 17, 2021

suggested reads for January 10, 2021

Today I do have just two articles in English to share with you.

But I do also have 3 nice analyses of ‘modern society’ life into this pandemic world written by two Italian authors which I admire and respect a lot, and which messages are so meaningful I do hope that will be graced by a read with the help of a translator, which probably won’t be perfect, but just enough to understand the core message of each post:

suggested reads for December 27, 2020

You should forgive me, but this time I have two posts in Italian that are well worth a read. One is a short one, about pushing ourselfs ‘further’. The second one is about a story with my friend Pietro shooting a photo, and how it went viral communicating something entirely different than the picture that he has taken.

suggested reads for December 20, 2020

Last week I missed the publishing of the usual 5 suggested reads, this week ahead means Christmas holidays to many, and a lot of time to stay at home… under the violence of COVID-19 backlash and the fear of the third wave in January. So here’s ten articles varying from your smartphone to the outer Space in the galaxy.