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suggested reads for February 17, 2019

Two months later after the last post of this category, here we start again with my suggestions for an ‘informed sunday’…

less Facebook == more Feeds

One of the most pleasing aspects of having consciously stopped logging on Facebook and of educating myself to ‘kill time’ disposing the list of items in my Feed Reader is to have resumed to populate my notebook for the Linklog posts’ Category started (officially) in May 2015.

Also, while sometimes I was wondering to start a newsletter with that selection of links to read (and there are many tools that would help with that) I am now convinced that personally I don’t have nothing to earn, and my readers would not have anything different that subscribing (via RSS or email) to the specific category’s feed. So no newsletter from me.

So, in the end, all this means that this week-end my linklog column will restart!