Android’s take on security

[Google] now only fixing bugs found in the two most recent versions of Android known as Kitkat (4.4) and Lollipop (5.0).
“It would appear that over 930 million Android phones are now out of official Google security patch support”


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CodePath Android Cliffnotes

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BlackBerry Passport, finally something new

I won’t even consider buying it, but the latest Passport smartphone from BlackBerry is finally something new since the iPhone coming (and after the Lumia 1020). Welcome back diversity!

Also be sure to check-out the fantastic BlackBerry Passport Review by the fine pals at CrackBerry !

an infographics on the average app usage per month

Davide Casali, aka “Folletto” on app usage on smartphones

Davide Casali, summoned in this infographic the recent news regarding users’ average app usage per month metric. Interesting to see how iPhone with a smaller screen give the user in a single page most of them, while a bigger screen Nexus can’t measure up to this value…

It seems that when Apple choose the new display format for iPhone 5 generation already had an internal study on this topic, and proposed a value that after two years has been obsoleted. It will also be interesting to see how many app on a single screen will show up in the long-awaited, bigger, iPhone 6 later this year.