Ducati Monster 1200S

kOoLiNuS over the new Ducati Monster 1200S
published by Nicola Losito (@koolinus) on 6 Feb 2015 at 10:25 PST on Instagram

When you see the new Ducati Monster 1200 S in person, it seems a really big and bulky bike, but once you’re upon it disappears and becomes the small & fast & furious two-wheels we’ve all learned to love in those last 22 years…

S.S. 7 – Basilicata, Italy

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The route showed (and shared) above is one of the most taken in the last 3 years and half of active bike riding. Starting 40km from home begins a fun park of turns to enjoy, with really nice panorama angles which you do not expect.

Do you share your bike routes too?

I do on my Posterous space using the tag route.