finding Nemo

I guess that’s one way of looking at it…


300 I was browsing the Apple Quicktime trailer’s page last day when i found out that 300 the magnificent story from comics (and storytelling) master Frank Miller is in production.

Frank Miller is one of the modern era Master of the comic book medium, having contribuited to renew and gain self acknoledgement since middle ’80 with his Daredevil and Batman, the Return of the Dark Knight operas.

After having gone away from the mainstream USA comics publishers (DC & Marvel Comics) he’s settled his home on Dark Horse Comics and published some creator’s owned comics, revamping pulp stories and renewing the black and white world.

sin cityWe can all stand and admire his work on SIN CITY (which last year got a movie with some Hollywood stars acting).

In the second cycle of Sin City stories, entitled “The Big Fat Kill”, Miller cited the historical fight between Spartans and persians in ancient Greece. This historical event has been a strong inspiration to the writer/artist resulting in the 300 five issue series.

Here Miller explores deeply the event, adding his own “vision” to events, look of the characters and their motivation. Well worth a read (for convenience here is a link to the DeLuxe Trade Paperback)

So, as I was saying at the beginning of this post now the film is in production, here is the official 300 movie site (now a blog showing us the various phases of work).

a scanner darkly

One of the next season of Hollywood movies feature this “a scanner darkly”.
Another of Philip K. Dick spinoff – yes, another one … not bad for a “crap artist” 🙂

scanner_darkly“A Scanner Darkly” is set in suburban Orange County, California in the future. It imagines a paranoid world in which it seems two of every 10 Americans has been hired by the government to spy on the other 8 — in the name of national security and drug enforcement. When one reluctant government recruit (Reeves) is ordered to start spying on his friends, he is launched on a journey into the absurd, where outsourced government contractors largely define the social construct, where identities and loyalties are impossible to decode, and where not even his girlfriend can be trusted.

One of, if not THE, the most peculiar things of this movie are the special FX used to present the movie itself. It was acted traditionally, but then some new (to the major’s) tecnique have been adopted.

On Wynora Rider News Channel (here on you can read and see the various passages needed to give the movie it’s peculiar and particular look. Well worth a read or two !!!

Welcome Mr. Anderson …. eeerh, wrong movie 😉

Link: movie’s official site: A Scanner Darkly

V for Vendetta

This week-end i went to Naples @ ComiCon to a national comics convention.

The main theme, this year, was the comics from Germany & Great Britain. Special guest was David Lloyd who presented the italian first projection of the movie based on the comic book he was made famous by.

Unfortunately the projection was anticipated to friday when it was announced to be scheduled at saturday night 😦

Then, saturday afternoon there WAS no way of getting into the line to chat or have a little drawind by David himself … uff

Disappointing (… more to come)

I don’t get it

Thanks to il Boss i’ve discovered this S C A N D A L O U S photo … well, at least seeing some of the comments.

emma watson drinking

Now, given that since i was twelve i went to get pizza with my friends and we got beer [well, a little less amount in comparison of today] i really don’t see where’s / what’s the problem or the scandal. One can drink and still hold himself and do not get drunk.

Conclusion: those false good-thinking people could fo f**K themselves !!

PS = gotta check if someone complained about the Corona not being a real beer ;-)