My 2017 in music

December marks the time of the year when you make outlays of what you have done through the year. And so many different on-line communities creates tools where you can generate infographics or plain stats of your activities while using them…

On, for example, Spotify creates a vivid website with details on your listening habits. And here’s mine!

Spotify - 2017 summary

Aside Stevie Wonder I’ve got no particular emotional feeling with the rest of the hits, which are more the fruit of some strict rotation of music playlist and genres that of my own will or desires.

Spotify 2017 - details

Overall I do not feel of having actually discovered so many genres or new artists, since I cannot really mention artist’s or album names or even song titles. And this is probably my main issue with Spotify … the lack of variety and new proposals when I choose a mood or a listening ‘style’.

Fourteen years ago made me discover a lot of new music, which I still listed today when I’m on my own, offline, with the iPod Classic… And this is why I’ve subscribed a 3 months test premium profile on Deezer, hoping in some more playlist curation.


the Silent September

Yesterday in my feed reader suggestions an interesting, and long, article on the state and the illness of many music’ streaming services – like Spotify or Apple Music – came to my attention.

Streaming Music is Ripping You Off is this article by Cuepoint – a musical magazine inside the pages of – that unfolds explaining in details how the royalties paid to the artists you listen are calculated and how much of them are actually given to those artists and not some other chosen by the system…

They make clear, and show why, that there’s something broken (can we dare to say rotten?) in the algorithms chosen by those services. Then proposes to fight back all of this with a simple hack.

Have you read it? What do you think about it? Personally I’ve already choose some young and talented italian artists to support that way…

When I Grow Up

When I grow up
I’ll be the hero
Of my story book
I’ll start at zero
And rise and fall
And rise and fall again
My head, my heart
I’ll fly into the wind

When I grow up
The sun will greet me
And every day
I’ll meet it completely
I’ll catch each wave and swim until I’m tired
I’ll practice every move, so inspired

When I grow up I’ll be good and strong
I’ll create a world where I belong
When I grow up

When I grow up
I’ll be who I want to
I’ll take every turn
With purpose and see through
The ups and downs
The hills, the starry skies
The beautiful beginning and reprise

When I grow up — credits
released 29 July 2014
Jennifer O’Connor – vocals, guitar, bass, handclaps
Amy Bezunartea – background vocals, handclaps
Tom Beaujour – guitar solo, handclaps and recording/production
Recorded at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, NJ on July 14, 2014