Suggested reads for May 13th, 2015

UX is Useless. Don’t waste time, just start writing code!

I have learned that the preparation phase, the phase that gets the least attention when reading up on the matter, can and will break the entire chain that follows, when not executed in a thoughtful manner.

Eva Nudea Horner

Suggested reads of May 11th, 2015

Suggested reads May 8th, 2015

I am starting to curate a reading list of the most significant reads I do everyday. I bookmark quite a lot of things over my Pinboard account, but there I cannot put enough emphasis on the better ones.

So here we go. Let’s start…

Things do Jobs

Things do Jobs →

… is an amazing Tumblr space, born this january which shows with beautiful photographies how smartphones (iPhone, in facts) have entirely replaced a number of hardware we used to use in differents life’s situations.

I have to say thank to my pal Filippo Corti for putting it in evidence on his fantastic – mostly italian – blog BicycleMind.

Look and Feel and Feel

Every scroll through Twitter puts at least one person’s bad day, shitty experience, or moment of snark in front of me. These are good happy people – I know many of them in real life – but for whatever reason, Twitter is the place they let their shit loose. And while it’s easy to do, it’s not comfortable to be around. I don’t enjoy it.

Every scroll through Instagram puts someone’s good day in front of me. A vacation picture, something new they got that they love, pictures of nature, pictures of people they love, places they’ve been, and stuff they want to cheer about. It’s just flat out harder to be negative when sharing a picture. This isn’t a small thing – it’s a very big deal. I feel good when I browse Instagram.

That’s the feel that matters.
Jason Fried