about independence from others

“When hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes sweep away illusions of self-sufficiency, we are reminded how much we need one another, how much we depend not only on people but also on the larger web of life. We treat people with a different kind of respect when we consider that they might someday be pulling us out of the rubble. We treat the rest of life with a different kind of respect when we consider that without it, we wouldn’t be here at all.”

Active Hope

Invest In Your People.

What it meant was that BuzzFeed built a culture of learning. You were expected to learn new things, to push yourself, and to take advantage of these opportunities — that was part of your job. It was OK to not have all the answers, because there were always new opportunities to keep learning.

By investing in these Learning & Development opportunities, BuzzFeed sent a pretty clear signal to its employees: We care about you and your growth, and as long as you’re here, we’re going to give you opportunities to grow into new roles.

Dan Oshinsky

about JavaScript

However, JavaScript is what probably killed TenFourFox quickest. For better or for worse, web browsers’ primary role is no longer to view documents; it is to view applications that, by sheer coincidence, sometimes resemble documents. You can make workarounds to gracefully degrade where we have missing HTML or DOM features, but JavaScript is pretty much run or don’t, and more and more sites just plain collapse if any portion of it doesn’t. Nowadays front ends have become impossible to debug by outsiders and the liberties taken by JavaScript minifiers are demonstrably not portable. No one cares because it works okay on the subset of browsers they want to support, but someone bringing up the rear like we are has no chance because you can’t look at the source map and no one on the dev side has interest in or time for helping out the little guy.

Cameron Kaiser

Sono qui

Sono Qui (I am here) by Venezuelan artist and illustrator Fernando Cobelo is a book that pays an homage to Italy and Italians, but also to kindness.

Ten intimate and personal stories, told by ten people (distinct and distant) who have chosen Italy as their new “home”: an adoptive homeland to be embraced and led by the hand towards better days. One of the most appreciated voices in contemporary illustration (already known for his recent collaboration with the Zingarelli publishing house), Fernando Cobelo has created a new editorial work: a gem that shines for its graphic research and concept, dedicated to all those who have left to land in our country.

Sky Arte

Immediately I’ve fallen in love with the concept, the product, the vision … and purchased the book.

Also, I really do appreciate the work of photographer, video maker and architect Lorenzo Morandi with his YourStory studio.