Making Roadline — designing a font

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How do you make a working font from some type on a road? Our collaboration with Glasgow roadliners was an amazing experience but as ever there is more to it than meets the eye. We thought we’d share a bit of insight into the process of crafting a typeface—and a few of the bumps and turns along the way.

O Street

Get your favorite pictures engraved in wood from Brand.O

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My friends at Studio Minimo has begun a new adventure in the makers world, realizing with numerical control machine and your favorite photos. They make engraved pictures that are an amazing design decor because from distance you see the picture, while approaching it and you can appreciate the relief technique.
Just give them a photo, choose a format (A4, A3 and A2), chose a pattern (lines, weaves or dots) and they’ll do the magic!

Great work! See more realization on Brand.O portfolio page

ciao Ipernity

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After near a decade of enthusiastic use, spreading word, translating news and being one of the principal translator for Italian of this platform today I have to say Goodbye.

A change in management has occurred, and abruptly I found myself with the plain plan. Only 200 photos visible non only to public users, but also to me !!!

This, without a single email from the ipernity staff telling us translators about the change in the usage terms. Kindly they gave me another month of Pro account and I was able to back up some photos of which I never kept a local copy.

Then I’ve removed my media from here, and slowly begun moving them back to Flickr hoping the new management won’t be superfast in removing the 1TB of space given to us users.

I’ll miss being a part of this european platform, but I cannot afford – nor justify – the Pro account monthly expense since I am not making photography as my work or my main hobby.

After writing this post the ipernity Team has got in touch with me, make amend for the misunderstanding and granting me a lifetime Club account for having been part of their growth over the years.

I wish all the best to the platform and will continue help with translation if asked to do so. Thanks for the ride


Bari, 9 august 2016