There Is No Digital World

it is too easy to remain in ignorance or denial of that due to how the digital world works and looks. Language also plays a role here, as we’ve often chosen metaphors which accentuate the non-physical aspects of digital information and downplay their draw upon tangible resources.

“The Cloud,” for example, describes a place in which digital information is stored as if it is a vapor — a light, airy, and ephemeral thing — rather than an enormous collection of fuel-dependent machines that alter our cloud-strewn atmosphere as much as all the oil-burning jet engines that traverse it.

Christopher Butler

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next.

“You would have to be either a sociopath or totally enlightened not to be feeling anxiety at a moment like this. So I would say that the first thing that I would want to encourage everybody to do is to give themselves a measure of mercy and compassion for the difficult emotions that you’re feeling right now

The paradox is that we’re also the most capable, resourceful and resilient species that has ever lived on earth. So history has shown that when change comes to humanity — either on the global level, like it’s happening now, or on the personal level — we’re really good at it. We’re really good at adaptation. And I think that if we can remember that, it can help to actually mitigate the fear.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Timo Lemmetti

Mi friend Rocco Rossitto with his Una Cosa Al Giorno — a thing a day — newsletter project has put in evidence the fantastic work of Timo Lemmetti on Instagram. A profile worth following … with a certain genius at work in composition, colors’ contrast and a result filled with surrealism and restlessness.