The Real Legacy of Steve Jobs

Think Indifferent. That is, care only about the product, not the myriad producers, whether factory workers in China or staff members in Cupertino, or colleagues like Wozniak, Kottke, and Tevanian, who had been crucial to Apple’s success.

A great article by Sue Halpern.
It was a somewhat uncomfortable reading for me. But nonetheless a worthy one!


What if we replaced fancy name badges and lanyards with a simple sticker, the screen-printed canvas bag with a stamped paper bag (Look how artsy-crafty you are!) and invest that money in just one thoughtful item that folks actually want to keep? Instead of cheaply produced merchandise from China, how about something that has a human story to it, something that is made locally and links the event to the place and community it is hosted at? Or perhaps something that directly relates to the theme of your event? Wouldn’t that be something to remember?”
Kai Brach, Offscreen Magazine

To resolve the hard questions ahead and ensure that the vast amounts of data we create become tools for personal empowerment and economic innovation, we need policies made in the open, with informed debate. The web’s true potential for democracy, economic growth and human creativity is only just beginning to be glimpsed. In 2016 all of us must protect and enhance this public space for the benefit of all humankind.
sir Tim Berners-Lee

For a long time, I’ve been craving another kind of life — one a little more predictable than the life of a journalist. I want to wake up in the morning and have a sense of what the day will bring. I want to see far more of my friends and family and take better care of my health. I want to slow down a little — I don’t want to spend my years in endless busy mode, trying fruitlessly to keep up with the tide of news, meetings and evening events that good reporting requires.
Carmel DeAmicis

… the cloud isn’t an amorphous collection of billions of water droplets.

The cloud is actually a finite and knowable number of large companies with access to or control over large pieces of the Internet. It’s Level 3 for fiber optic cables, Amazon for servers, Akamai for CDN, Facebook for their ad network, Google for Android and the search engine. It’s more of an oligopoly than a cloud.

And, intentionally or otherwise, these products are now choke points for control, surveillance and regulation.
Jennifer Stisa Granick