‘Do Not Track,’ the Privacy Tool Used by Millions of People, Doesn’t Do Anything

In other words, we have a tool that works for telling the internet that a person wants privacy. The problem is that the companies that dominate the internet are, for the most part, plugging their ears and saying, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, I don’t hear you, nah, nah, nah, nah, I don’t hear you,” and will continue to do so until the government forces them to take their fingers out of their ears.

An interesting read on Gizmodo.


Sans Forgetica, the font (that helps you) to remember

Typography is a world fascinating me in the last 6/7 years. This Sans Forgetica project is another example of this ‘magic’ at work.

How else would you define a “font designed using the principles of cognitive psychology to help you to better remember your study notes.” ???

Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information

Facebook has claimed that users already have extensive control over what information is made available to advertisers, but that’s not entirely true. When I asked the company last year about whether it used shadow contact information for ads, it gave me inaccurate information, and it hadn’t made the practice clear in its extensive messaging to users about ads. It took academic researchers performing tests for months to unearth the truth. People are increasingly paranoid about the creepy accuracy of the ads they see online and don’t understand where the information is coming from that leads to that accuracy. It seems that, when it came to this particular practice, Facebook wanted to keep its users in the dark.

Kashmir Hill, on Gizmodo

There’s no such thing as motivation

[…] establish your systems and habits. Stay focused on what matters. Delegate and tune out the noise. Your motivation will grow.

Aytekin Tank

A nice post from Aytekin Tank — which I envite you to read — that’s perfectly summed up in those few words quoted above. TL;DR if you get what I mean 😉

The cereal entrepreneur

Find customers who will happily pay you in advance because your service or product is so useful that they can’t live without it. And if your service or product isn’t that useful, make it better.

Seth Godin

That’s more easy to say than realized. But should be anyone’s approach when at work, try to make the best for our client, aka the person who needs our job to be done.

How much does your country invest in R&D?

Global spending on R&D has reached a record high of almost US$ 1.7 trillion. About 10 countries account for 80% of spending. As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), countries have pledged to substantially increase public and private R&D spending as well as the number of researchers by 2030.

Explore the latest available data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), which is monitoring progress globally towards this key SDG target. To evaluate a country’s commitment to R&D, look at spending as a percentage of GDP. You can then see the actual amounts being spent in purchasing power parity dollars (PPP$).

UNESCO Institute for Statistics ☞

This study and relative infographics from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics shows us how much our governments invest – and not spend – in Research & Development. Those are Italy’s data:


Even if data may seem big, we’re well under the medium … especially if you consider that we’re a G7 economy!!!