A case for pessimism

“I think there is a real relationship [between the two]: a society that tells people that they can achieve anything will also be a society that very swiftly develops a problem with self-esteem. If everybody expects to achieve everything, you’re going to get an awful lot of people who are feeling that something’s gone dramatically wrong with their lives.”

Alain de Botton

tips to read more

Don’t force yourself to finish an entire book. If you’ve already learned one big thing from it, don’t feel obligated to read all the way to the end.

Don’t stop reading because you disagree with something. Exposing yourself to a diverse array of ideas and opinions is essential for growth.

Keep your ego out of it. Remember that reading isn’t a competition: the goal is self-betterment, not reading more books than someone else.

Re-read books you felt strongly about. Whether you loved them or hated them, read them again and see if you missed anything the first time.


I’m basically ‘stealing’ this post from a 2019’s post from one of my olderst friends on the web. Basically to keep a reminder for myself…

The Geology of the Moon

This repository explains how to make a geologic map of the moon using open-source data from the USGS, IAU, and NASA.

Eleanor Lutz

On my Italian blog I am making an experiment. Each day I’m summarizing the post published in that day during the 19 years of life of that blog.

Today I found an infographic by Eleanor Lutz and went exploring her site, founding this little jem: The Geology of the Moon.

She also made available on GitHub the code behind all that, and this is another cool point for the project!