I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People

Personally, I’m happy to pay an extra 4.3 percent for my fast food burger if it means the person making it for me can afford to feed their own family. If you aren’t willing to fork over an extra 17 cents for a Big Mac, you’re a fundamentally different person than I am.

Kayla Chadwick

via Dense Discovery, issue 109.

Positioning and not-enoughing

It seems like there are too many scientists and not enough honest marketers, makers and storytellers on the side of fixing the climate crisis. Scientists are awesome at collecting and analyzing data, but data alone doesn’t help tell a story worth telling.

Facts and figures don’t change minds, compelling stories do.

Daily, we see appalling news about wildfires, floods, and most importantly, how we’ll all have to settle for “less” if we are to keep a habitable planet. Yes, that news is important, but it’s also hard to not get stressed to the point of exhaustion from its constant stream.

Paul Jarvis

When Food meets AI: the Smart Recipe Project

My friend Paolo Genta recentley shared this initiative by the publisher Condè Nast Italia and the software house Res realizing the work behind the Smart Recipe project and a list of six in-depth articles.

When Food meets AI: the Smart Recipe Project is composed by these six posts:

Have a good read!