What I’m doing now

Currently I am:

  • playing with my kid;
  • loving my wife;
  • taking care of my health;
  • taking care of my dad’s health (he is ok now!);
  • refocus on what’s important in my life, what demands my true attention, what’s to let go;
  • still working on trying reading all the feeds in my feed-reader when I have that ‘couple of idle minutes time to kill’, also I’m making a little clean-up thanks to the tools provided within Feedly;
  • working on the new website of my wife;
  • working on the new website of CNR territorial area of research in Bari;
  • working on the new website of the Neuromics group for a colleague at the office;

Last Update: 27 December, 2021


This page exists thanks to the inspiration given me by Derek Sivers and the /now page movement.