A case for pessimism

“I think there is a real relationship [between the two]: a society that tells people that they can achieve anything will also be a society that very swiftly develops a problem with self-esteem. If everybody expects to achieve everything, you’re going to get an awful lot of people who are feeling that something’s gone dramatically wrong with their lives.”

Alain de Botton

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UPDATE = since I know there are a couple of USA readers here, I wanted to share that I am really concerned about this conflict exploded at 1650 miles (2655Km or 29 driving hours) from my home. After the first hours of news-bombing in I’ve adopted this tecnique … I am doing the best I can at work and in life with people I meet, hoping the same happens at all levels. I am giving trust to our Government and EU (and also UK and all our NATO allies) to be able to solve this crisis. I am aware that there will be wounds everywhere… but, as the saying goes “better hurt than died”!