suggested reads for April 4, 2021

It’s the second time we have to “celebrate” the Easter – physically – away from our families and friends. Anyway I do hope you all are ok, that you and your beloved ones are OK and are suffering in the least possible way this pandemic.

A bit of Stories of Apple on Patreon are now public. Enjoy!

I’d like to let you know that some of the first posts of Stories of Apple on Patreon are now public.

This way you can read and enjoy them freely and can also see the kind of content that Nicola D’Agostino has posted during these years to his supporting patrons (which I hope you’ll think about becoming – like me – supporting more research and quality, in-depth writing).

The early days of Apple Computer, Inc.

The 88110 CPU and the RISC workstations that never were

Jaguar Vs Cognac

ARMageddon and ARMistice

Steve’s motorcycle

Yes, NeXT did port NeXTStep to the m88k CPU

Working at Eazel – An Interview with Gene Ragan

As you’ll see some of these posts are thematically linked, adding interesting details and helping to define a bigger and clearer picture of what Apple (or NeXT) was doing in a particular time.

about JavaScript

However, JavaScript is what probably killed TenFourFox quickest. For better or for worse, web browsers’ primary role is no longer to view documents; it is to view applications that, by sheer coincidence, sometimes resemble documents. You can make workarounds to gracefully degrade where we have missing HTML or DOM features, but JavaScript is pretty much run or don’t, and more and more sites just plain collapse if any portion of it doesn’t. Nowadays front ends have become impossible to debug by outsiders and the liberties taken by JavaScript minifiers are demonstrably not portable. No one cares because it works okay on the subset of browsers they want to support, but someone bringing up the rear like we are has no chance because you can’t look at the source map and no one on the dev side has interest in or time for helping out the little guy.

Cameron Kaiser