suggested reads for May 8, 2022

suggested reads for June 27, 2021

This has been a truly crazy week … so we have to deal with just 3 articles.

suggested reads for April 4, 2021

It’s the second time we have to “celebrate” the Easter – physically – away from our families and friends. Anyway I do hope you all are ok, that you and your beloved ones are OK and are suffering in the least possible way this pandemic.

suggested reads for August 16, 2020

Fortnite vs Apple vs Google

In Italy we’re at middle August holidays. Along with Christmas this is THE holiday period and aside from the tourism business evetything else just… stops.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world lots of things happens. WordPress releases one of its biggest update in a while, Apple releases updates for its devices… and now another “incident” happens against the ‘monopoly’ of App Store(s).

We will see lots of interesting stuff in the coming weeks…

suggested reads for July 19, 2020