Get your favorite pictures engraved in wood from Brand.O


My friends at Studio Minimo has begun a new adventure in the makers world, realizing with numerical control machine and your favorite photos. They make engraved pictures that are an amazing design decor because from distance you see the picture, while approaching it and you can appreciate the relief technique.
Just give them a photo, choose a format (A4, A3 and A2), chose a pattern (lines, weaves or dots) and they’ll do the magic!

Great work! See more realization on Brand.O portfolio page



Hey, I’m Amy, a visual designer in Seattle! 365cons is a side project that came about after continuously crushing on the work of great iconographers and wishing my own abilities paralleled. It’s essentially my attempt to turn that wish into something a bit more productive. Every day in 2016, I’m going to post a new icon, exploring various styles to practice design and technique. Oh, and since it’s a diary, each one will relate to something in my life that day.

Should I remark it more? I adore these little personal projects over the internet … I admire the discipline and the focus needed to fulfill them. This time it’s the work of Amy Devereux … Enjoy!

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