Apple 1 – my wallet -0,99€/mo

You have to admire how subtle and – in some way – kind is Apple on making you spend money, and then some more money, on their products.

I took a 64GB white iPhone 6 this last December, and managed to have all my data successfully back-upped over iCloud. Yesterday I had a warning of low space on it, and after a check I found I had only left 180 MB.

I don’t use any of the Streaming Photos feature, and at least for now I am not a heavy user of apps requiring lots of iCloud Drive space. The apps eating up my space are actual photographs on my device (something near 6 GB of data) and 1/2 GB eaten by Whatsapp [in my family we use it a lot, and we enjoy making photo and vocal jokes with my very young nieces].

I was a bit confused by the how iCloud showed me how actually I use its space. First it tells me it needs ~4.4 GB of data to backup my iPhone, then another ~ 800 MB to Whatsapp and other iCloud Drive files. Digging into the iPhone backup I saw again Whatsapp, this time with more space used, and then the apps on my phone.

Thinking about an incremental backup (a la Time Machine) I deleted my backup and started it anew. At the end of the process I gained only 350 MB of space.

So, seeing how somewhat limiting myself with photos I already took over 6 GB of my phone which had to be saved in my backup I made my mind and moved to OS X iCloud Preference panel to buy the cheapest upgrade to iCloud Drive.

iCloud plan upgrade

Per se it’s a small investment, so I can afford to set up and forget it. But at least I have to admit defeat to those evil marketing strategies by Cupertino …

getting back login credentials after an iTunes backup restore

While discussing with some ‘friends’ over I have read that many gets all their passwords back with an iTunes backup. Some cannot achieve that with ‘cabled’ backup but only with iCloud one.

Personally I’m into wired iTunes backup – for a number of reasons – and having recently restored a 32GB iPhone 5 from a backup of my previous “old” 16GB one I can say that I had to insert again MANUALLY both usernames and passwords for the following apps:

  • Twitter
  • Dropbox
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Netbot (only the password)
  • Foursquare
  • Felix
  • Riposte
  • Twiggy
  • Waze
  • Readability
  • Reeder (only the password)
  • Whisper

Also I had to re-authorize apps like Day One and iaWriter to take advantage of Dropbox’ sync.

What’s your experience with this aspect of living with iOS ???

Final Day to Rescue Bookmarks from Yahoo’s Delicious

delicious beta status: Final Day to Rescue Bookmarks.

Heads up! 
This is the last day for users who missed the opt-in to the new Delicious to rescue their bookmarks before Yahoo! decommissions their servers.  Use the rescue tool on the account settings page if you have a delicious user ID, or the host file hack if you logged in with a Yahoo! ID. 
More info about each method is here: