suggested reads for February 7, 2021

Apple’s Thirty Percent Cut

… the difference between 30% and something reasonable like 10% would probably have meant some of my friends would still have their jobs at Omni, and Omni would have more resources to devote to making, testing, and supporting their apps.

But Apple, this immensely rich company, needs 30% of Omni’s and every single other developer’s paycheck?

Brent Simmons

One of the most sane critics to the Apple 30% fee querelle that has gone over the last weeks.

robber barons

Big tech CEOs are the robber barons of the 21st century. Revenues at many of the biggest Silicon Valley companies are predicated on suppressing workers compensation and rights. Our addiction to the convenience of their products make too many of us complicit in that unethical behaviour.

3 ways big tech behaves badly – 20 Minutes into the Future


suggested reads for July 5, 2020

suggested reads for June 28, 2020

It’s been a while since this list of suggested articles was published here. Life has gotten in the way and I didn’t have the enthusiasm of posting anything.

Summer has come, COVID-19 seems a long time lost memory for many Italians – expecially those living in the southern regions where we had very little impact. But the danger is still here, and at last I’ve decided to install the contact-tracing app developed and made available by our Government. Hoping to be of help to my beloved ones if I – for working reasons – will be exposed to a positive person. Socially my and my wife are still mantaining a proper distance with people outside of our most close family.

follow the money

We can get overwhelmed with markers and data. There are so many things to pay attention to with a business! But really, we just need to watch the money. If most of our mailing list subscribers say they’d buy something from us and we built it, and none do, well people saying they’ll buy and them actually buying doesn’t always line up. If we’re popular on YouTube but can’t turn that into revenue, maybe it’s not a business—it’s just an awesome hobby (or even just a way to connect with other humans).

Paul Jarvis