suggested reads for May 20, 2018


Here’s my suggested reading list for this Sunday. Last week I forgot to post, given the aftermaths of the first edition of the WordCamp Bari 2018, sorry. If you have time for just a single articole… well, my choice has been put in evidence 😉


Exiting the dark ages of capitalism

“It’s highly unlikely that Fink and Zuckerberg came to these conclusions in a vacuum. No, they, like everyone, are subject to a change of heart and practice from a change in atmospheric pressure. From seeing the world getting worse in so ever many ways, even as we celebrate progress in some areas. From people making their voices heard with a message of “you’re making it worse”.”

David Heinemeier Hansson, Signal v. Noise

Recently I find David’s post some of the best content posted out there on business, technology and society. Have a read, and tell me what do you thing on the subject!

Send better (business) e-mails with SCRAP

What does SCRAP stand for?

The SCRAP formula contemplate these ingredients, in this exact order:

  • Situation: where we’re at right now.
  • Complication: the problem that needs to be dealt with.
  • Resolution: your proposed way to fix the problem.
  • Action: the action you want the reader to take (a click, or even a simple answer).
  • Politeness: the end, on a friendly note.

A great tip from my friend Franz on productivity enhancement in business, dealing with e-mails. Read it yourself!

Suggested reads for January 14, 2018



Coming back after another month of hiatus, here’s my list of notable readings for this Sunday. Hope you’ll enjoy them.
But, anyway, leave a comment if you like to share your opinion…

suggested reads for August 6, 2017


Just four articles this Sunday. The third one is on how automation and robotics will change (forever) the way people will find their place in society. A difficult topic that needs to be addressed just here and now …and probably not for our children’s future, but for me and you and the next years of our careers!

suggested reads for July 2, 2017


Suggested reads for May 21, 2017