suggested reads for May 6, 2020

Today it’s beginning the third day of the “Phase 2” of Italy’s fight against COVID-19 and its impact on our society. We are benefiting from a grace period with less infected, fewer new hospitalizations and more healed. But all of those is coming from 15 days ago social behaviour…
We’ll know if we’re doing well in the next two weeks, when we will see the fruit of the exploded social inteaction. Spring is coming, and going out it’s irresistable.

What scares me is the relaxation of the few essential habits in this fight against COVID-19. Extreme attention touching things, and immediately after our face / eyes. Surgical masks worn over by usage – they are finally coming, but people over used them in the last weeks – and bad maintenance, surgical masks put on our forehead, on our chin, leaving the nose outside… And also some people not paying attention to keep the 1mt / 1,5mt distance between other people.

This scares like hell me and others, who lives the grocery’s walk like running under the bombs.

Let’s hope for the better… now let’s go back to work and to the search of a babysitter!


Disclaimer: Please note that not all surgical masks offer equal protection. As stated in the disclaimer, only ASTM Level 1 and above will filter 95% of 0.1 micron particles. China Standard YY 0469 masks only filter 30% of 0.1 micron particles, and European Standard EN 14684s do not filter 0.1 micron particles at all.

This solution has not yet passed the CDC test method outlined in 42 CFR 84, but we are partnering with hospitals and national laboratories to get quantitative testing done as soon as possible. See our latest test data here….

Exercise caution when using masks of any kind. No mask is guaranteed to block COVID-19.
How to make this more comfortable:

About us: To help with the global shortage of N95 masks, a group of ex-@Apple mechanical engineers got together to #FixTheMask. We are creating an open source surgical mask brace — improving the sealing and filtration efficiency of standard surgical masks. But while that’s pending, we’ve come up with this DIY surgical mask brace as an immediate solution. This is just the beginning… For more information, check

Cross Check our Data! Summaries of Our Data……

suggested reads for April 29, 2020

We’re at the end of phase-1 in this fight against the COVID-19 pandemy. Next monday we’ll try to start a phase-2 with more activities opened to public, introducing the surgical mask, plastic gloves and social distancing everywhere. If we manage to keep new infections and ICU at manageable levels we will live a more ‘normal’ life, if not we’ll be sent back inside our houses and God save us from the economical disaster.

Schools are closed, and remote working will be encouraged and proposed to all the people in positions to produce in that way. I really don’t know how me and my wife will be able to actually keep a good pace of working with this 30 months old, strong, intelligent and world’s exploring kid we had the bless to have.

Please be safe everybody!

suggested reads for April 22, 2020

Day 48 of our quarantine, seems like in less than 15 days we will start a ‘phase 2’ after this world embracing pandemia has reached us. Let’s hope for the better … even if the intolerance to the rules of a part of the population and the lack of enough individual protection devices for everybody – in Italy and in the rest of the world – scares me a lot.

Stay safe, and good luck!

You are not helpless.

You are not helpless. There are other things you can do to empower yourself. First and foremost, the public health measures being recommended to us — including hand washing, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, really are the best means of protecting yourself from exposure.

Prevention is and will remain the best medicine.

However, many will still get infected despite adhering to these practices.What else can you do to improve your odds of beating Covid-19 should you become infected?

One key step: Maximize your health now, before you get sick.

Studies have shown that those most at-risk are over 60 and/or have preexisting health problems like diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease, lung disease or generalized deconditioning.If you have these (or other) medical problems, you can choose to be proactive and start addressing them with your fullest effort, starting today. You know that blood pressure medicine you never take because you hate taking pills and it makes you feel old? Start today. If you rarely, if ever, check your blood sugars and have allowed your diabetes to get out of control because the finger sticks and insulin shots are annoying — get your sugars under control starting today. Got asthma or lung disease? Begin consistently using your prescribed inhalers.

And, for goodness’ sake, stop smoking and vaping immediately. Commit to losing 10 pounds this month and force yourself to walk at least a mile every single day, starting today. Get your flu vaccine right now.Even people without diagnosed medical problems should maximize their health. Exercise, weight loss, a healthy diet and good sleep are certainly beneficial to your body.

Be empowered. By doing these simple things that your doctors have recommended to you for years, you have the power to improve your resilience. How much? It depends. But in the face of this virus, even a very small amount of improvement in your overall health could be the difference between mild or more severe symptoms, and for some, it could mean the difference between life and death.

You are not helpless. Do everything you can not to get the virus. But make sure that if you do, you are already at your strongest.

James P. Phillips, MD