coordinated Apple Watch & iPhone Wallpapers

Samuel Zeller, a swiss architecture’s photographer and active Instagrammer, has started this new project collecting a handful of his best photos as wallpapers for iPhone and the Apple Watch, tailoring them for the best possible view given the physical constraints of their different screens. At the moment there are 30 magnificent wallpapers available over his website →

I liked Samuel’s work so much I’ve started following his work in all the socials he’s involved in …


XtraFinder is an useful Finder plugin for Mac OS X’ finder that allows you to customize the behaviour of Apple’s file system manager. I’ve discovered it months ago since new Mac users asked me a way to have folders listed before files in Finder’s windows, having being accustomed to that behavior in Microsoft’s Windows Explorer (and I must admit that I too sometimes have a benefit from this after six+ years of OS X usage).

It’s main features are:

  • Tabs (experimental).
  • Dual Panel & Dual Window.
  • Arrange folders on top.
  • Cut & Paste.
  • Pinable Window on system-wide shortcut.
  • “Copy Path” menu.
  • “Show Hidden Items”, “Refresh”, “New File”, “Copy to”, “Move to”, “Launch as Root”, “New Terminal Here”, “Hide Desktop”, … .
  • “Contents” menu displays contents of folder.
  • “Select…” let you quickly select items in a Finder window.
  • Path bar enhancements: Spring-loaded, Contents menu.
  • Light text on dark background.
  • Automatically adjust width of Name column.
  • Colorful icons in Sidebar.

Yesterday the author has published the the 0.10.1 release of it’s software, which is ready for all Intel powered Macs with 10.6.8 and above. Check it out!

how-to customize the login screen of Fedora 16

I must admit being away from GNU/Linux desktops’ evolution dealing everyday with CentOS and Ubunutu 10.4 via CLI. Distributions that, anyway, are far away from the frantic evolutions in terms of desktop environment UX provided by the most up-2-date trends.

But I’m preparing a virtual machine for a bioinformaticians’ post PhD course and we choose a modern distro for this. Given my skills and experience the choice went over Fedora.

So I’m playing a little around to see how the Gnome Shell behaves and decided, since I have some spare time, to customize it a little. I could not ever imagined in my wildest dreams that modifing GDM login screen would be such a PITA.

Luckily enough a 2010’s post from Alvin T. Enguillo is still the easiest method (and with this I’ve said it all if you read the article) to achieve this goal.


So, do you like the result?

Lion Designer – Customize new features of Mac OS X Lion

Lion Designer – Moritz Wette

Lion Designer basic functions are customizing the Mission Control, Dashboard, Login Screen, and Launchpad backgrounds, as well as, changing the folder background and container icon in Launchpad. You can change your Design in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion individually. Don’t panic if you make a poor design change; you can reset it back to default with the click of a button.

added a Google+ button in the sharing options on this Posterous space

We will all be assimilated.

Following this tutorial on Adding Google’s +1 (plus one) button to your Posterous I’ve enabled this sharing option in this theme I’ve started using today.

I’ve put my iframe code like this:

Let me know if you find out bugs or annoyances, please!