decade's best, a pool by CoverJunkie

My friend Ciro Esposito [*] has shared, over one of his social media channels, this pool by CoverJunkie celebrating the best magazine cover of the ’10s.

The selection of “my bests” was not easy, and I loved some provocative covers … mainly from Spain, I had to notice. What’s yours?

Ciro runs a great newsletter about graphics, typography and design … it’s in italian, but suggested links and articles comes from all over the world, so why not subscribe it? It’s called Dispenser.Design

suggested reads for November 27, 2019

Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours

“The other day, I came across a website I’d written over two decades ago. I double-clicked the file, and it opened and ran perfectly.
Then I tried to run a website I’d written 18 months ago and found I couldn’t run it without firing up a web server, and when I ran NPM install, one or two of those 65,000 files had issues that meant node failed to install them and the website didn’t run. When I did get it working, it needed a database. And then it relied on some third-party APIs and there was an issue with CORS because I hadn’t whitelisted localhost.

My website made of files carried on, chugging along. This isn’t me saying that things were better in the old days. I’m just saying that years ago websites were made of files; now they are made of dependencies.”

Simon Pitt

This is a great quote from the Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours post by Alex Danco on the evolution of technologies around the file/services paradigms. Give it a read, and if you’re a developer please do think more ‘in the long term’, for you and for me (as a client).

about ‘good’ design

Apple shows us highly stylised manufacturing videos – raw materials being forged into a beautiful new object. Ingenuity we ought to celebrate. We were conditioned to treat the ‘unboxing’ of that precious new object like a quasi-religious experience.

And then, the promise of good design falls short. Little consideration goes into how the object ages, how maintenance could extend its use, or what happens to it when it reaches the end of its life cycle. Apple’s much-touted respect for materiality quickly turns into a liability – your liability.

From that perspective, the ‘good design’ of the AirPods (and most of today’s gadgets) remains a tragedy.

Kai Brach

A Word on Empathy

We are so zoomed into our consumers, observing them as if they are a new species from another planet, we fail to see the bigger picture. The culture, politics, philosophy, environment, TV shows, books, movies, art, fashion – the world at large. We will not understand what people need and want by simply observing them. We have to experience their world for ourselves. It’s only then we can change it.

Tobias van Schneider

on the next MacMini

But really, the Mac mini doesn’t necessarily have to be a playground for innovation. The basic formula is still a winner — a powerful-enough, general-purpose, truly affordable desktop Mac. It’s just waiting to be refreshed to be more up-to-date. There’s really no wheel to reinvent here, Apple.
Riccardo Mori