Appetizer, AppDotNet on your Mac is a different kind of social platform.

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For members: is an ad-free social network.

It’s your real-time feed, a home for meaningful conversation, where you control your data. Find the apps you love and make your own. Connect, play, and discover.

For developers: is the open API you can trust. is your new platform, a backbone you can rely on. We’re the pipes you can build your web, mobile, and desktop apps on. Our API is here for you, and we won’t shut you out. Find your audience.

For those of you interested in the founding of this new social network – ie – which aims to be a successfull open platform/source clone of Twitter and more and have willingly paid the 50 (or 100) dollars needed to be part of the show Appetizer can be a nice, and free as in speech, native client for your Mac computers ..

MOU, a Markdown editor for web developers

I’m on vacation in these days and I’m starting playing with some things I left behind in the last working year. Markdown is one of those and and, together with iaWriter editor for iOS and the Day One application for Mac and iOS I’m starting to struggle with it.

MOUapp is a nice, and free (as in speech) editor for this syntax, with an high and interesting set of features to try out. Don’t miss to do test it if you’re into Markdown gear too!


ipxUploader – a new uploader for ipernity

Since Lion‘s release, with it’s different Java virtual machine, ipernity members using the latest release of the Mac OS X were left out of options in terms of desktop tools to use to upload their documents on the popular photographic social network.

While the official team is at work on this aspect, after the general system upgrade they made which I’ve reported in previous posts, some users decided to take this task on their own hands. The fruit of this work has resulted in ipxUploader.

After a period in closed beta, in which I had the chance to participate and submit some bug, now with the release of the version 0.9.7 of the software this beta has become public.

So, if you’re on ipernity and use a Mac like me, take your time to download, install and use this tool!