Mixel for iPad

If I had an iPad I think I’d have this installed alongside other apps that makes the Apple’s tablet special

Launch Center Pro

… a Quicksilver like killer app for your iOS device or what?

Winamp for Mac

kinda revival for who, like me, has lived the ’90 mp3 boom…

ipxUploader – a new uploader for ipernity

Since Lion‘s release, with it’s different Java virtual machine, ipernity members using the latest release of the Mac OS X were left out of options in terms of desktop tools to use to upload their documents on the popular photographic social network.

While the official team is at work on this aspect, after the general system upgrade they made which I’ve reported in previous posts, some users decided to take this task on their own hands. The fruit of this work has resulted in ipxUploader.

After a period in closed beta, in which I had the chance to participate and submit some bug, now with the release of the version 0.9.7 of the software this beta has become public.

So, if you’re on ipernity and use a Mac like me, take your time to download, install and use this tool!

How-to extract content from iPod, iPhone, iPad: DeTune

DeTune, installation Last week, once again, I found myself in the situation to have to restore an iPod (a 1st generation iPod Shuffle) which seemed bricked, but it was not.

Before restoring the original firmware I wanted to back-up all of it’s content on my machine, being away from the owner’s iTunes library. In the past I’ve used various tools to do such things, with expod as the preferred one.

The development of this app is still going on, and with the new tools used to create it it has come the necessity to change some of it’s core code and leave expod to OS X systems up to Tiger (10.4) and create a new tool for OS X 10.5 and above. This tool has been named DeTune.

Once you download and install it, launching it you will be presented this window, with an empty list…
DeTune, 1st lauch
then you connect your iDevice, with iTunes opened in the background, and the application’s window becomes populated. To work at it’s best DeTune need you to have enabled the disk mode in the iPod’s preferences. Also, it will warn you about being bounded to another iTunes library. I’ve found that the best practice is to ignore this warning and go back to DeTune which will look like this:
DeTune, recorgnizing my iPod
Clicking on the left sidebar on the type of content you want to backup (Music in my case) you’ll see the iPod content’s:
DeTune, track list
We are nearly there.

Now to backup this content all we have to do is to select the entire list and then, fulfilling the best tradition in Mac OS user interface, drag them to a folder of our choosing.

Voilà! The iPod is now ready to be restored!

Note = to the post’s use I’ve made the necessary screenshots using my (more recent) iPod Shuffle.

Sparrow.app 1.0 is here

Sparrow – The new mail for Mac from domleca on Vimeo.

Sparrow is a native (and innovative) Gmail client for Mac OS X. Check out the video to see what it looks like, how clever is it’s UI. My only regret is that going “stable” on the Apple AppStore the application now is a ~10$ software while it has been free (as in beer) for all the beta testing monts …

I’m hoping for an freely available – Ad supported – release, as they’ve stated it would be less than a month ago, on the model of the latest releases of Eudora …

LookOut (add-on for Thunderbird)

LookOut is a plugin which allows Thunderbird to interface with Microsoft’s mail tools by decoding metadata and attachments encapsulated/embedded in a TNEF encoded attachment (aka winmail.dat).

The TNEF decoding engine was inspired (with permission) by the tnef.sf.net project. LookOut has a full MAPI decoder and the ability to transcode some of those properties to iCalendar (ics) and vCard (vcf) formats. As an option all MAPI properties within a email can be viewed so other types of information can be deciphered.

If you’re a Mozilla Thunderbird (or Seamonkey) user and you’ve got enough of your email’s inbox full of those dull attachments install this LookOut plugin without hesitation, you’ll finally see those files as the sender’ meant you to see.

ICQ for Mac? No, thanks!

via ipernity.com

This morning I was surfing around my web spaces and since the kOoLiNuS nickname comes from my ICQ subscription (waaaaay back in november 1999), I went to their site looking for the newest Mac client.

Imagine my surprise seeing how there’s no client available and you’re leaved on the web-based one {while the Windows counterpart now it’s become binded to the omnipresent Facebook}.

For one of the first “social” network out there it’s a bit sad, isn’t it ?

aqua OS X theme for Nokia N80

Since it’s publishing in 2007 the iPhone theme for Nokia N80 post has received nearly the 10% of the overall visits gained by this blog with a stunning (for me) 27,709 total visits !!!! (at the time of this writing).

Well, to update it, and suff it’s success, today I’m linking to you the theme provided by my friend Kiro @ Melamorsicata (which is one of the most prominent and long running mac-blog in Italy) in his download area.

Happy Download!