Transloader, download URLs remotely from your iOS device to your Mac

When I had a space on Posterous I used to post there apps that seemed interesting and worth a second look.

Transloader is one of those.

Have you ever come across a Mac app-, a zip- or dmg-, an image- or movie file URL on your iOS device and wished you could download it to your Mac right away? …

With a set-it-and-forget-it approach, add any URLs you’d like to download to your Mac and the App will do the rest for you.

Transloader uses your iCloud account to transfer URLs from your iOS device to your Mac for download.

You will need the free app on your iOS device, and then a 5$ ‘client’ app on your Mac to have it work for you. Not too much for an heavy out-of-office kind of people… If you use it, please leave a comment on how you’re doing with it!


LINGO, a free IRC client for OS X

Thanks to the article My Favorite Things: Mac apps by Jason Snell I’ve discovered a real nice, and free as in beer, IRC client which I’m enjoying.

It has been called Lingo by the developer Johnathan Clough [the link takes you to the download page on the Mac AppStore].


Lingo – an IRC client (2014-12-10) alle 15.59.28Lingo – screenshot del dark mode

As of today my preferred IRC client on OS X has been Colloquy, an old acquaintance of mine after my X-Chat day ended switching to Mac in 2006. Colloquy has been a reliable, open source project that never failed me (almost) in these 8 years.

More recently I’ve had the chance to also evaluate Textual… which I did not like at all!!! Being a paid app my expectations were probably a bit too high… Both the gratis apps Colloquy and Lingo – to my usage – have proved to be more feature rich, both in terms of customization and offered functionalities.

Lingo, since my epiphany of it last monday, has been running smoothly and without a single hitch on two of my Mac connected on the FreeNode servers and logged on seven channels (a couple with a discrete amount of daily traffic). So here I am singing its praises!

Cryptography For Dummies

TradePub today sent me an email (as one of their subscribers’ list) telling me of the availability of the e-book “Criptography for Dummies” by Chey Cobb for free (normally it’s priced at nearly 24$). So I thought pointing you to the download page where – after a registration or an authentication via LinkedIn –you can grab it…


Happy download!

OnyX for Yosemite is (finally) here!

Installing OnyX 2.9.0 for OS X Yosemite

If you can tell the day by the things that happens in the morning this will be a good one… At last OnyX, my favorite french software utility for Mac OS X maintenance has been updated — along with it’s sisters applications Maintenance and Deeper) to a full Yosemite compatibility. Download now!