Cryptography For Dummies

TradePub today sent me an email (as one of their subscribers’ list) telling me of the availability of the e-book “Criptography for Dummies” by Chey Cobb for free (normally it’s priced at nearly 24$). So I thought pointing you to the download page where – after a registration or an authentication via LinkedIn –you can grab it…


Happy download!

OnyX for Yosemite is (finally) here!

Installing OnyX 2.9.0 for OS X Yosemite

If you can tell the day by the things that happens in the morning this will be a good one… At last OnyX, my favorite french software utility for Mac OS X maintenance has been updated — along with it’s sisters applications Maintenance and Deeper) to a full Yosemite compatibility. Download now!

Kitabu, a free Mac OS X epub reader

via → Kitabu on Sourceforge

It’s main features are:

  • Library management
  • Table of Contents
  • Additional options: Text Size, Color
  • Reader can choose how many columns they want in a book
  • Mouse & Trackpad gestures support
  • Multiselection in Library view
  • E-book library in two views
  • Book pane selection. Book can be displayed in one, two or three panes
  • Font and background selection
  • Plays audio & video
  • Fixed Layout
  • QuickLook plugin that previews ePub file metadata directly from the Finder