less Facebook == more Feeds

One of the most pleasing aspects of having consciously stopped logging on Facebook and of educating myself to ‘kill time’ disposing the list of items in my Feed Reader is to have resumed to populate my notebook for the Linklog posts’ Category started (officially) in May 2015.

Also, while sometimes I was wondering to start a newsletter with that selection of links to read (and there are many tools that would help with that) I am now convinced that personally I don’t have nothing to earn, and my readers would not have anything different that subscribing (via RSS or email) to the specific category’s feed. So no newsletter from me.

So, in the end, all this means that this week-end my linklog column will restart!

RSS is revamping

Seems that people are waking up and re-descovering the true power of a free web, where you have to be an active part in making your information diet…

Here’s a quote from a recent Wired article:

Five years ago, when Ben Wolf took over The Old Reader, he offered a prescient insight: “How long will it be before your Facebook stream is so full of promoted content, bizarre algorithmic decisions, and tracking cookie based shopping cart reminders that you won’t be getting any valuable information,” Wolf wrote. “For as little as $60, a business can promote a page to Facebook users. It won’t be long before your news feed is worthless.”

Which, well, here we are. Not only that, but two-thirds of Americans get at least some of their news from social media, according to a recent Pew Research Center study, leaving traditional sources behind.