everything you wanted to know about Flashback but were afraid to ask


Since to many of my familiars, friends and even colleagues I’m the “mac guy” everyday I’m getting more and more questions about the Flashback malware, the first in years that have seriously compromised that invulnerability aura that covered us Mac OS X users.

So here’s my state of the art post in this overflow of posts, news, tweets and such on the matter.

First of all don’t panic. There’s nothing to be seriously scared of. Apple has got a solution, that while being late is easy and reliable in solving the issue.

In my opinion it’s necessay to know more on the topic, so here’s two links. The first from Apple, short and concise as all the public statements on security by them. The second is a compendium of Ars Technica on the issue:

Now you probably want to know if you got the “infection” and did not know. This FlashbackChecher tool, after having being downloaded & installed, helps you to this. Eventually it asks you to remove the problem but the developer invites you to do so with Apple tools.

And here we come to the easiest solution out there. With three security updates in less than a week Apple has proposed to it’s user both a patch and a remover of this malware for their users’ computers. All we have to do is to start the Software Update tool and apply every one of them.

Mac OS X 10.5 users are now being leaved on their own on this, since Leopard is no more supported. Apple suggests to disable Java on Safari (and you can find how to do that in the Apple’s link provided above) and I think that FlashbackChecker can help you too. You’re welcome to leave me a note in comments if you have other solutions for Leopard.