ElmaStudio, a WordPress themes foundry to keep an eye on

elmaIt’s been a couple of months since I’ve discovered ElmaStudio‘s work.

First I fell in love with the (free) Ari theme. Then, while helping my friend Stef(igno) to update his (italian’s) blog we decided to invest  12€ in the Nilmini theme.

Last week I provided (for free) to Ellen and Manuel an italian translation of that theme.

Then I’ve brought their Piha theme too just in time to see the previews, and later on the final release, of Nori. Nori aims to be (and probably is) the first WordPress theme out there developed mainly and in first place for mobile devices’ browsers, and later ‘adapted’ to normal ones.

Since they put their money were their mouth is they’ve adopted it on their website and so I had the chance to see a real deployment of that theme and not just a 5 post wide demo. Here are the screenshots!

(the last one is what you see enabling the Reader feature in Mobile Safari). What do you think of the theme?

Let me know in the comments…

HML5 for Beginners. Use it now, its easy!


OK, so there are a lot of articles out there on HTML5, especially since Google Wave arrived (because it’s the first major app to run on the language), but all the information that you need to know in order to start using it now is either too complicated, or spread out over various websites / articles / tutorials.

Hopefully in this article we’ll be able to amalgamate and condense a lot of this information so that anyone with basic HTML knowledge can start using it.