smcFanControl to the rescue of your iMac

During the previous week I found myself trying to manage an early 2008 iMac with some serious issues booting. After having tried any trick I knew I decided myself to use the Apple’s Hardware Tests. Here I found some glitches with the fans. This mac was used in a man’s luxury tailor shop … so the outside was shiny!

Never I could ever imagine the amount of dust collected inside…

Without opening the iMac chassis I tried a first cleaning using an air-compressor. Then I remembered of smcFanControl, a software more commonly used to tame the heating of Apple’s notebooks. After the download I’ve started it and created a new cooling profile called “Cleaning” setting all the 3 fans inside the iMac to their maximum speed. Then I’ve selected it and … WOW … a cloud of dust was blown away from all the case’s fences! Incredible!

I had the iMac running this way for near twenty minutes, then made come it back to its default. Since then the iMac is working smoothly like when it was brand new. Zero euro spent, maximum result!

Apple, what will they release next?

MacBuyer's Guide summary. Jan, 25th - 2012

I really can’t remember a time when the MacRumor’s buyer’s guide showed all orange, red warning without a single Apple item with the green, go-&-buy, logo at its side.

Most notably MacPro is at the point of be terminated or completely revamped for Pro usage, but given Apple’s trends with servers and storage i fear the first option is forthcoming.

In a months or less, I hope, everything will be settled out … I’m waiting with anxiety to buy a top of the line iMac for my wife’s studio, and given the €2000+ cost and the 6 days estimation for the new line announcement I have to wait, even if this means loosing a good sale deal ending at the end of the month!