keep a log

I keep a log of most of my decisions. I didn’t like a TV series about ghosts? I take a note, and I’ll stay away from spooky ectoplasmic shows in the future. Did I enjoy a crafty show on pottery? I’ll make sure I’ll watch the next season for sure.
The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.

We can afford to make bad decisions; what we can’t afford is learning nothing from them.

Luca Sartoni

set visions, not goals

I’ve learned that embracing the ‘why’ of what I’m doing is a lot more valuable than the ‘what’.

A vision helps drive me forward and estabilish an overarching sense of purpose, whereas a set target always changes once I hit it. Life tends not to obey the metrics or deadlines usually associated with goals, so setting a strong vision rather than a concrete goal can be a much more powerful, ambitious long-term motivator.

Emphasys is mine … I’ll ad up the author as I’ve took a photo of this phrase a couple of months ago and forgot to take note.