suggested reads for June 28, 2020

It’s been a while since this list of suggested articles was published here. Life has gotten in the way and I didn’t have the enthusiasm of posting anything.

Summer has come, COVID-19 seems a long time lost memory for many Italians – expecially those living in the southern regions where we had very little impact. But the danger is still here, and at last I’ve decided to install the contact-tracing app developed and made available by our Government. Hoping to be of help to my beloved ones if I – for working reasons – will be exposed to a positive person. Socially my and my wife are still mantaining a proper distance with people outside of our most close family.

The dangerous idea that people are actually pretty decent

If you ask the question ‘Who benefits from this cynical view of human nature?’, the answer is quite simple: it is those in power. Because if we cannot trust each other, then we need them, then we need the generals and the monarchs and the kings to keep us in check. It’s an argument for hierarchy. And this is why the argument I make in my book – that people are actually pretty decent – is a really dangerous idea. If you really think it through, it means revolution. It means we can organise a society in a completely different way. And it’s also the reason why throughout history, those who have advocated a more hopeful view of human nature have often been persecuted.

Rutger Bregman

Via Dense Discovery, issue #87

Want to Be More Productive? Try Doing Less.

Life is not about racking up a list of accomplishments. What can you stop doing to make more time for yourself, make more time for joy, and use your time more meaningfully? The next time you set a goal or decide you want to improve upon an area of your life — or simply alleviate some of the pain that area is causing you — remember to go for subtraction instead of addition. Revel in the joy of doing less.

KATE NORTHRUP, Harvard Business Review