Your Privacy: the Apple and iPhone take

In Italy on TV we’re being introduced to one of the latest ads by Apple: the spot Private Side indulging over the security and privacy options given by an iPhone (but the hidden message is that you can find that in all the Apple product line).

While this is not false, it’s also not entirely true and as the Mozilla Foundation makes us notice in one of their blog’s article Apple can – and should – do more. For example they could take a different approach to the unique Advertising ID each device holds.

Yep! Each phisical device has a unique ID to identify you for advertizers … and you can limit its features and even renew and “randomize” it on some time interval. But that should be the default and not an option. Mozilla started a petion for this cause.

I’ve signed the petition, and invited you to do the same HERE.

If you have an iPhone (or an iPad or a 4th gen AppleTV) you can change the default behaviour of this feature following the official Apple Support instructions: Opt out of interest-based ads in the App Store and Apple News.

Classic Mac stickers for iOS

If you’re a(n old-time) Mac lover what could be the sticker/icon set to absolutely have on your iOS device for chat use/abuse? Well, look no further than this amazing Classic Mac set officially – and freely – made available by Apple itself on the iTunes Store!

Our chat will never look the same! Now sorry, download has just finished and I can’t wait to use them

update = Requires iOS 10, so for now you can use it if you’re into the Beta program!

Tablets are dead?

A friend of mine pointed me at this TechCrunch article: Tablets Are Dead

In this article Romain Dillet exposes some of the most common reasons why consumers aren’t getting mad over the tablet’s market as they do with the run for the latest and greatest cellphone smartphone model.

To me the most visible reason of such indifference is this one (listed as second of a tree point list):

… chances are you already have a tablet at home and it’s working fine. There’s no reason why you should upgrade it — it probably runs Netflix, Facebook and the Kindle app. It has a browser and your emails. Long replacement cycles mean you don’t need to pay attention to the new and shiny tablets.

But there is a more profound reason. Everyone has treated a tablet like a bigger smartphone … You use a tablet the same way, and with the same uncomfortable workflow, you do with a smartphone. A device which is uses mostly with one hand and with no input device.

And the key of a paradigm shift is held on Romain ending sentences on the article, and on the Apple move on the market with the iPad Pro (and Pencil) introduction:

Apple is trying … to differentiate the iPad from the iPhone, creating the next generation of laptops.

Tablets can still make a comeback. They need to become good laptop replacements, or a digital canvas for artists, or something else. But something needs to change and soon.

While Apple is evolving (and forking?) iOS to embrace a new workflow (Slide Over, Split View), Microsoft is taking a top down approach with the Surface being the best interpreter of the ‘one OS to rule them all’ approach.

I am really curious to see what the rumored 10″ iPad Pro coming next month will bring in the iOS evolution and if it’ll be an inspiration – again – to the market.

fixing the fast Touch-ID

There is only one way to use Touch ID with one hand — the thumb. And so being told to use another finger undermines the beauty of Touch ID: single hand access. Another finger means difficulty in opening the phone on the subway, while carrying a baby, babies, dogs, groceries.

Craig Mod on his Can no longer abide Touch ID → piece over Medium spoke the ultimate words on that crazy Speedy Gonzales behavior of its iteration on the iPhone 6S …