4 things we’d LOVE to see in the next iOS

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Free iPod Transfer for Mac

via applemacvideo.com Transfer Audios Between iPod/iPhone/iPad and iTunes/Mac for Free. And check out also the features of the paid version.

via applemacvideo.com

Transfers audio files between iPod/iPhone/iPad and iTunes on your Mac for Free. And check out also the features of the paid version.

Viber, delete account & privacy

viber-Iphone-screenshotIn the last month on the iOS 4 scene a new, successful VoIP application has started spreading gaining popularity: Viber.

This app promises to all the Apple’s based iOS4 devices a free VoIP calling service, using Wi-Fi or (already payed) 3G data services.

But one question soon attacked me after installing the application … even if the iTunes Store overlooked at it how safe are my data and my Address book?

So I’ve wrote to Viber support:

Koolinus, Dec-10 13:48 (IST):
how do I delete my account and be sure you don’t hold my address book?

After a couple of weeks the team asked me if the “question is still relevant” and I said yes … yesterday they’ve replied me like this:

Viber Support Team, Dec-27 10:47 (IST):

If you wish to delete your account completely and remove your data, you can delete the Viber App from your device.

When you delete the Viber App, your Personal Information will be automatically deleted from our primary storage within 45 days.
However, Viber maintains back-up information of each user’s account for a period of up to 12 months.

For additional information regarding our Privacy Policy, contact Viber via “Viber Support” or send us an email to privacy@viber.com. You can see the Viber Privacy Policy here: http://www.viber.com/privacypolicy.html