FTP Server Login via browser


a useful javascript In the last couple of days I’ve been busy setting up an FTP server upon with a number of people could browse a group of directory and their files.

To achieve this I gave trust to pureftpd using a virtual users configurations, since my users won’t need a shell on the machine, following a clear howto found on the web regarding an Ubuntu server configuration.

Clearly to my superior a “plain” access via a normal ftp client (filezilla, cyberduck, name the one) wasn’t enough. He wanted the possibility to browse those files and directory also via the nowadays ever present web browser.

Authenticating the users. Which aren’t system users, or Apache’s defined one. They are from the pureFTPd daemon, and also virtual!! 😀

So I had to throw away the use of an .htaccess writted ad-hoc and I begun the search of a premade script that, accepting the couple of parameters username and password inputed from a simple web form would do a parsing and give an URL to my browser in the syntax of the classic ftp://username:password@ftp-host.

Thanks to my pal Nicola D’Agostino I found a specific javascript that have proved to be THE solution I was searching: THIS.

So, if you’ll ever need this, now you know where to search!