How to give feedback

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I was wandering over SpeakerDeck, trying to see how it behaves in comparison with SlideShare and I found this little gem.
Charles-Axel Dein explains how to properly give feedback to developers / someone who offers you a service and how to ‘gain more’ from this interaction… avoiding offense, conflicts and unhappiness.


Notes From An Emergency

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And please regulate, regulate, regulate this industry, while you can.
Maciej Cegłowski

Nicola D’Agostino linked to me to the text version of Maciej Ceglowski talk given on May 10, 2017, at the re:publica conference in Berlin.

Worth every second the time you’ll need to read this … especially if, like me, you live in Europe, and then share it everywhere you can!



Multi-Author Blogging How-To →

Italian consultant Francesca Marano in this transcript of her keynote talks about the Do’s and Dont’s on running a not-for-profit multi-author blog for the past 3 years. Instructive.