You Are Not Okay and Tomorrow Will Come

So that’s what I tell them.

You can feel sad and you can do five math problems.

You can be nervous and write the last paragraph of your essay.

You can be anxious and pick up trash in the hallway.

You can feel mad and eat a piece of fruit.

And nothing will really be fixed, but then, it wasn’t really going to get fixed anyway. But maybe they’ll be a little bit better at algebra or feel a little bit healthier.

It’s not magic advice, but sometimes the nudge is enough to put things in motion again.

Emily Kingsley

Working remotely on an island: a day in the life of a company of one

I’ve always wanted a business that supports my life, and not a life that solely supports and exists to serve my business. This is why I work for myself, from home, as a company of one: I not only have the freedom to choose what I work on, but I also have the freedom to choose how the work is done.

Paul Jarvis

While I really enjoy the first sentence, I do realize that the remaining part of it is an unreachable goal for many, many people.

Work vs Life

For me the concept of work/life balance is bullshit. The fact that we call it work/life balance automatically implies that one of the two is negative and we need to balance it with the other. It usually implies that you have work on the evil side, and life on the other. It makes it look like these two things are competing for your attention and well-being.

But work and life are not separate. They are the same, there is only one thing, it’s called LIFE. Work is part of my life, it’s not competing against it.
Tobias van Schneider

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