hidden gems in the latest Apple event

When Apple presents something, it’s worth to take a second (and a third) look at what’s on stage…

This time I noticed the MacPro’s in two computer racks (and I do think they run a customized in-house version of OS X server, to justify the raw power they can provide and… that incredible and beautiful transparent polycarbonate chassis holding a pile of 5 Mac Mini. Which is not the first time I see in use by Apple.

Did you notice something else?

on the next MacMini

But really, the Mac mini doesn’t necessarily have to be a playground for innovation. The basic formula is still a winner — a powerful-enough, general-purpose, truly affordable desktop Mac. It’s just waiting to be refreshed to be more up-to-date. There’s really no wheel to reinvent here, Apple.
Riccardo Mori

the MacMini, the RAM and the performances

At the middle of last september I gave myself a little present, getting the 2nd Apple desktop machine in these last 5 years of “mac-addiction”, a mid.2011 entry-level MacMini [for the onlookers out there the first desktop was a PowerMac G4 “Quicksilver”].

The specs aren’t impressive but at home I needed a machine that could be leaved always-on, ready to serve, print, download camera’s photos and be – as soon as I’ll have a little time – a photo and music media server to my LCD tv in the drawing-room [probably with PS3MediaServer].

Those are the first results of NovaBench‘s run on the MacMini with it’s default hardware equipment: 578 points.

MacMini - 2nd NovaBench run (578points)

I had then the chance to upgrade my MacBook Pro RAM from 4GB to 8GB … so, even if RAM’s speed was lower (1067 MHz instead of 1333 MHz) I decided to try to put them in the MacMini … 10 minutes and 3 NovaBench’s run later these were the results: 581 points.

MacMini - 4th NovaBench run (581 points)

Finally this week, after a Riccardo‘s tweet on getting value RAM via Crucial’s shop I’ve ordered mine, and moments ago I’ve installed it and this is the 1st result after the boot: 618 points.

MacMini - 5th NovaBench run (618 points)

40 points of difference (with no special attention to tuning anything) for 32.99€ (taxes excluded, shipping included). Not bad … or not ???