Suggested reads May 8th, 2015

I am starting to curate a reading list of the most significant reads I do everyday. I bookmark quite a lot of things over my Pinboard account, but there I cannot put enough emphasis on the better ones.

So here we go. Let’s start…


Time will tell” seems to be the running theme with the new Mac Pro design. With such a contentious redesign, it’s hard to say if this is going to be Apple’s Xeon version of the Cube or a truly revolutionary approach to workstation hardware.
Dave Girard, Ars Technica: A critical look at the new Mac Pro

choosing a (2014) MacPro

A lot of people where waiting for the latest version of Apple’s MacPro. That beautiful and mysterious black box.

On this webpage of MacPerformanceGuide the author analyses the CPU and RAM configuration announced and gives advises to people seeking out for their next workstation. Working in a bioinformatics research center I can see a lot of uses for this kind of machine, with two main limitations… disk space (our industry’s datasets are huge) and RAM. Since 2010 models of MacPro can host 128GB of that, the actual 4x 16GB modules now seems an unexpected and disappointing “limit”.

Next year probably a colleague will have founds to catch a couple of those, we will see how well they will perform!

The Mac Pro Performance Gap

While the rest of us are happy driving our automobiles and pickup trucks, Apple will continue shipping oversized dump trucks like the Mac Pro for the professionals who need them most.
via Egg Freckles | The Mac Pro Performance Gap.

It’s all we hope for … but you can feel a feeling of dismission on the Pro side of the userbase (first the pro storage, then the X-serve, now the Server as an “app”)…

Apple, what will they release next?

MacBuyer's Guide summary. Jan, 25th - 2012

I really can’t remember a time when the MacRumor’s buyer’s guide showed all orange, red warning without a single Apple item with the green, go-&-buy, logo at its side.

Most notably MacPro is at the point of be terminated or completely revamped for Pro usage, but given Apple’s trends with servers and storage i fear the first option is forthcoming.

In a months or less, I hope, everything will be settled out … I’m waiting with anxiety to buy a top of the line iMac for my wife’s studio, and given the €2000+ cost and the 6 days estimation for the new line announcement I have to wait, even if this means loosing a good sale deal ending at the end of the month!