on starting a business


How to Start a Magazine →

Steve Daniels, previously Executive Director of Makeshift magazine and now on its advisory board, has written a long and insightful article over Medium about what it really means, and needs to be done and envisioned, today in the media market.

Steve talks about the physical printing process, and the marketing and communications strategy to evaluate if you want to start such a business. But I think that many of his points can apply to ANY business … and to any “brand” you want to promote.

Have a read, and tell me if you agree with my feelings …

introducing the new DIVISARE


“After 16 years online, divisare is the leading Italian architecture website and one of the most important in the world.

We have always had productive commercial relations with architectural associations. Our job is to provide useful information to their professional members.

Our database is composed of 160,000 registered users. 120,000 subscribe to our newsletter. 70,000 freelance professional architects.

With almost 100,000 projects published, divisare is the biggest existing contemporary architectural archive.”

Since the last year they have chosen to modify their strategy, moving from EuropaConcorsi to a new family of products, each aimed at different scopes…


Click on the image above to learn, in the sponsoring page, how profound the editorial change is and how firmly they believe in the new projects. I wish them all the best of luck!!!

Offscreen Magazine n°7

While Kai was announcing the freshly pressed release of Offscreen Magazine n°8, I had to force myself and abandon the daily RSS reading routine to finish the 7th issue on my bedside table.

If I had to choose I’d say that the most interesting interviews were the ones to Jake Nickell of Threadless fame, and Scott Thomas, full of inspirational thoughts on the technologies in our lifes.

Also, Chase Adam’s story on WATSI made me believe there’s some really gold mine under the ‘tech startup’ babbling over the blogosphere, and stuff that can be truly done to improve people’s life…