the only way that Microsoft makes money (in the consumer market) is through users buying new computers and the associated licenses (this is why Bing’s failure was so critical; by failing to build profitable online services, Microsoft has no way of monetizing consumers over time). This means that people using Windows are in effect worthless to Microsoft; they need people to buy Windows, which usually means buying a new computer.

stratēcheryWindows 8 and the Cost of Complexity

… a nice read on the status of Microsoft’s PC health status.

Windows 8 and the Cost of Complexity


Overall, I’d say that the whole Android apps ecosystem is fucked. Google loves to play the card of the friendly, open company that doesn’t lock phones.. but while doing that, it doesn’t propose a compelling market experience for the users nor an healthy market for the developers.

It’s too early to make a final judgement, but I have to say that so far things are pretty bad. We sold 152 copies in one week, and now average to 10 copies per day.
But the game is not bad. It sold on tens of thousands of copies in the App Store with little or no publicity (not even a press release) and 4 months after the initial release, it still sells about 130 copies per day.

Our multi-platform framework is there, and porting new games to Android would be much easier now… but if things don’t change, I’ll not bother porting new titles to Android even if that only meant to recompile the code, because supporting a piracy-laden platform is bad for the mobile market as a whole.
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(developing for) Android so far, not so good

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