Why Silicon Valley can’t fix itself

Why Silicon Valley can’t fix itself →

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Google is up: Here’s why that’s good, and what to do about it

“Google’s business depends on an open web that is searchable and contains as much of the world’s information as possible. The biggest threat to Google is a world in which essential information remains inside the walled gardens of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, where its crawlers cannot go”.

— via Chartbeat Blog

Following a strange path throught Gina Trapani’s posts on Medium and WordPress development I’ve stumbled upon some really good sites and reads. Here’s one of those.
Given Chartbeat researches seems that Google searches, while still with some AMP’d gimmick, is again on the rise for Editors and Publishers as the main venue of clicks … so the Open Web seems to be fighting back to walled gardens. And I couldn’t be happier reading this!

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