suggested reads for January 16, 2022

suggested reads for December 26, 2021


A friend pointed me to this Apple commercial, focusing on the privacy that one’s device allows its user… implying that iOS non-users are completely out in the open and left to their own devices in this snooping world.

Beyond this message, while true in the current state of affairs where Android has no protection in this regard, I found the commercial’s fusion of video, text and pacing masterful. Perfect, simply.

suggested reads for March 7, 2021

suggested reads for December 20, 2020

Last week I missed the publishing of the usual 5 suggested reads, this week ahead means Christmas holidays to many, and a lot of time to stay at home… under the violence of COVID-19 backlash and the fear of the third wave in January. So here’s ten articles varying from your smartphone to the outer Space in the galaxy.