I support Stories of Apple. You should too…

It’s a know fact my long time friendship with Nicola D’Agostino. It’s also known that we share a certain number of passion and interests, among with the software and the hardware made in Cupertino, California. And lots of times here, on Twitter and around the web I’ve talked about some cool content on his project Stories of Apple

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Today I’d like to spend some more words on this project, inviting you to support this historiographical job that he’s making since 2007 (in this form). Staring with a 2$/month contribute you can sponsor his work thanks to the crowdfunding site  Patreon.
With this money we can support his job maintaining 2 websites, 1 Instagram account, a rich Tumblr profile and some exclusive content over Patreon website itself…

If I get enough support by readers on Patreon, I will be able to write more original stuff and even try my hand at some more ambitious projects, like regular columns and videos.
Nicola D’Agostino

Over the Patreon platform you will be able to check the level of support you’re more comfortable: starting with the Vice President level (2$ per month) up to  iCEO (15$ or more per month) 😀 … each with his own level of benefits and ‘power’ in the future of the project.
As in any of his actions, very politely and humbly Nicola has decided to undertake this financing road to better realize this enormous job of documenting Apple (and computing) history over the decades, avoiding the worst form of monetization available today (banners, targeted ads, hidden referral links and so on). He respects his readers, but he’s in a position to ask for help to go on…

I have decided to support Stories Of Apple and this take on web content publications by Nicola, and I’ve started as a Vice President… if we ‘all’ join in we can contribute to enrich the Web with a little and shiny diamond…

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Apple loves details: advertising iPhone4S event


Thanks to a recent article on MyTech blog of the fine pal Nicola D’Agostino I have been made aware of the insight meaning of the advertising image showed on ALL our screens for last oct.4 event in which Apple presented the iPhone-4s.

  • tuesday 4 is the date of the event;
  • the clock show the starting time of the event;
  • the map show the entering of the Infinite Loop, 1 address, the center of Apple HQ;
  • the phone icon with the event notification means that there’s something new on the “phone”

Pretty cool, isn’t it ???

Stories of Apple

Aaaaaand finally my italian fellow Nicola D’Agostino has decided to make available to the international audience the precious work he’s taking along since year 2006.

He’s making a chronicle of an era in this site …

featuring old and new tales from Cupertino’s Infinite Loop.


While the italian site is updated on a weekly basis (well, most of the times) it’s international counterpart will sport a selection of what’s been written so far, report the full text interviews with the variuos personalities beyond Apple Computers’ stories through the years and brand new original content as Nicola will finishes his meticulous work of research that’s behind each post.

Stories of Apple - logo

This site is a perfect companion to the already signaled System Folder, well worth a read if you’re a die-hard Apple fan or a new “switcheroo *” 😉

[* like sometimes is called people that switch]