iSync, Lion and Symbian phone syncronization

It’s been some years now that I own a cell/smarphone Nokia N80/strong>, based on the (almost) defunct mobile’s operating system Symbian. Since when, later on, I’ve made the switch on Mac OS X I’ve started using iSync.

It’s a shame that in the latest version on Apple’s operating system “Lion” the application has been dismissed!!! And shame on me of having passed by the news, without making a mental note when, circa a month ago, I did a full clean installation of Mac OS X 10.7 on my MacBook Pro!!!

iSync - LionTo make a long story short, the issue is quickly solved in two ways.

  1. The first is to save, before upgrading to Lion, the from your Applications folders or – if you use it – from the Time Machine backup of the system.
  2. The second way is to get the application back thanks to some friend or the WWW.

In my case I had to choose the second way and thanks to this thread of MacRumors’s forum I got my file. After the download (a bit scared, I’d have to admit) I’ve extracted the app, installed and launched it. ALL went (Thankfully!) for the better, as you can see thanks to the provided screenshot!


aqua OS X theme for Nokia N80

Since it’s publishing in 2007 the iPhone theme for Nokia N80 post has received nearly the 10% of the overall visits gained by this blog with a stunning (for me) 27,709 total visits !!!! (at the time of this writing).

Well, to update it, and suff it’s success, today I’m linking to you the theme provided by my friend Kiro @ Melamorsicata (which is one of the most prominent and long running mac-blog in Italy) in his download area.

Happy Download!

iSync, the Nokia N80 and OS X Tiger

Nokia-N80-Internet-Edition-Unlocked-Cell-Phone-with-32-MP-Camera-3G-Wi-Fi-MP3Video-Player-MiniSD-Slot--US-Version-with-Warranty-Black Like half of the Mac User’s world out there, today I’ve undergone the ritual update of the system (going 10.4.9, that typically means “ciao ciao” Tiger) alongside an iPhoto one and some wireless update bug-fix.

Then I’ve launched iSync to syncronize (of course) my Address Book with the cell phone, since in the last two days I got some new working contacts … and what is it ???

The beautiful black Nokia N80 icon sported before has vanished in iSync, replaced by a dull grey Nokia N80 one 😦

What can have happened ? I got a strange feeling and here you are:

Nokia N80 is iSync compatible

Today (or better only today I became aware that) the Nokia N80 is natively compatible with Apple iSync program, joy & happiness !!!


{previously to sync Mac OS X and the Symbian’s based N80 I’ve used this guide}

What’s going on here ?

Well, first of all a new job, with unpredictable time schedule, plus some other new job talks to reach a decent overall monthly incoming. Let’s hope the talks in the next week will be “profitable” … one nice thing is that i’ve convinced my boss to wipe out that old Windows Millenium pc (which now has been added to the network) in favour of Ubuntu!

On the IT side of my life everything is going smoothly ….

Ubuntu 6.06.1 is doing extremely well on my old Pentium3 home server, no beagle – sorry, it eats too much CPU power – or fancy / shiny desktop effects – I’ve got the first Radeon VIVO videocard – but rock stable file/print server uptimes. Also i do not only plan to upgrade to the next Edgy Eft on this machine (given the Long Term Support policy).

macbook keyboard The MacBook is doing well, this week i’ve got the first annoyances given some problems in my wireless connectivity ….

I had got to switch form a WPA-PSK + AES encryption to a TKIP one (because the Nokia N80 only supports this), and this has proven to be more suscettible to external interferences, so with i’ve found myself with Finder, copying files over my LAN and the MacBook suddenly looses the connection and struggles to recover .. unsuccessfully 😦

My Windows laptop for now is resting (after 3 intense years of 16 hours a day work and having travelled a lot). I am preparing (slowly) it for my girlfriend’s CAD utilization and to test the new Edgy or Fedora Core 6 releases that are coming out in the next months …

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Nokia N80 is here

Nokia-N80-Internet-Edition-Unlocked-Cell-Phone-with-32-MP-Camera-3G-Wi-Fi-MP3Video-Player-MiniSD-Slot--US-Version-with-Warranty-Black Aaand so my brand new cellphone – oooops – smartphone has arrived.

If we read the definition we’ll see:

A smartphone (or sphone) is any electronic handheld device that integrates the functionality of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other information appliance.

and then:

This is often achieved by adding telephone functions to an existing PDA (PDA Phone) or putting “smart” capabilities, such as PDA functions, into a mobile phone.

OK, what else ?

A key feature of a smartphone is that additional native applications can be installed on the device. The applications can be developed by the manufacturer of the handheld device, by the operator or by any other third-party software developer.

The device choosen was a Nokia N80 (I am using the USA site product page) handeld device, based on Symbian operating system with the series60 3rd edition user interface.

The list of its features is quite impressive (if you let me say it) and after some hours spent on the manual and on some sites and forums i’m just beginning to scratch the surface of it’s possibilities (like i wanted to do when i choose it !!!)