Farewell to The 17" MacBook Pro

My biggest complaint about running a 17” display at 1920×1200 resolution is that I still can’t fit the iPad Retina simulator in its entirety. Even with thought the 15” Retina display is physically smaller in size, edge to edge, what you lose in physical size you gain in pixel density.

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The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable

If you read regularly my blog you’ll have probably read the quoted article, or some mentions to it somewhere on the web in the last week.
Even so I think it’s important to put an accent on the question and ask ourself to really evaluate our purchasing behaviour consequences …

Every time we buy a locked down product containing a non-replaceable battery with a finite cycle count, we’re voicing our opinion on how long our things should last. But is it an informed decision? When you buy something, how often do you really step back and ask how long it should last?

If we want long-lasting products that retain their value, we have to support products that do so.

Today, we choose. If we choose the Retina display over the existing MacBook Pro, the next generation of Mac laptops will likely be less repairable still. When that happens, we won’t be able to blame Apple. We’ll have to blame ourselves.

via The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable | Gadget Lab, Wired.com.

the LINUX-LAPTOP mailing list

The `linux-laptop` mailing list is dedicated to all topics regarding Linux on laptops and notebooks. Your postings are welcome, but please make sure you have checked at least the Linux-Mobile-Guide, the Infrared-HOWTO, the PCMCIA-HOWTO or another appropriate HOWTO from the The Linux Documentation Project – TLDP before asking a question.

In this way people is invited to participate to a “cross-distribution” mailing list dedicated to users of Linux on laptops. This list is an extension of the big project called TuxMobil by Werner Heuser, author also of the Repair-4-Laptop site I’ve talked you about in a previous post.

Lately traffic in this list has decreased significantly, that’s maybe because GNU/Linux distribution today supports more and more hardware than it used to do a few times ago, maybe because $distro specifics forums are good enough to answer specific, single problem requests.

So Werner has become to question himself and the list’s participants (747 at today’s count) about what our opinion are on the subject.

To me the list has to live, since it’s been – and I’m sure it’ll be – REALLY handy to solve problems on laptops, that will certainly occour in integrating the different kinds of hardware that are part of our digital life gathered together on our “laptop”.

What is YOUR opinion ? Do you think $distro specific forums and wikis are enough to solve problems ? Let us know, join the list and participate !

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