help openSUSE’s YaST to improve


opensuse logo I’ve recently learned about the survey started from openSUSE guys regarding the desiderata of their community based on the most prominent feature of the distro.

I’ve talked about YaST many times in the past, so check that out and take the survey !

This survey is about YaST, the default installation and administration tool for all openSUSE/SUSE Linux products.

If you use openSUSE/SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server through your participation in our survey you support us improving YaST. If you don’t use any of the named openSUSE/SUSE Linux products at all please exit the survey.

The survey will be online until mid November and the results will be published on


Mac vs. PC: How Would Linux Fit?


Have you already seen this commercial ?

Now go to Ted‘s blog and speak out loud your opinion on it in his comment space!

Personally i do not enjoy it, even if the premises were … promising 😉

To say, the commercial I’ve linked waaaaaaaaaay back in an october 2005 post was much more effective and better realized.

Microsoft and Novell ?


novell suse logo Thanks but NO, thanks.

Read why in the final rows of Liquidat’s post of today on the subject. He has exactly expressed my suspicions.

I do not believe in their moves, and I do hope that people involved in the development of those apps will keep an eye on them …

How the old say goes ?

keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer

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Novell accused as being proprietary ?


Ted has hit again 🙂

novell SUSE In his latest post he talks on the subject of (Novell) accused as being proprietary. I want to avoid talking on the stupid comments he has let come in in his comment, the only thing is to admire his patience … I wouldn’t be so permissive!

Also there are some obvious points of Novell interest and contribution to the CODE that are facts, not opinions, and we can only thank them.

I want to comment on these words:

Say what you want about our marketing missing the mark …

Sure, from a NOVELL point of view you (not you Ted, the PRs at Novell) are doing extremely well.

What i find a little “disturbing” is that the most common acception on blogs, forums and specialized sites the Novell + SUSE + Open Source thing revolves ALL around SLED 10.

But openSUSE 10.1 is still on the market, it will be for the next 3 months (at least) before the 10.2 will come out. And it still has some major problems.

openSUSE People are still due to fight against and obsolescent packaging, in the meaning of a broken Zen installer and such right after installation. Since the bug it’s considerable a re-spin ISO set would be much welcome

Gnome 2.14/current seems to be leaved to live in openSUSE 10.2 alphas and i know no backport to 10.1 (on the contrary of what has happened on SUSE 10.0).

Also the hype around SLED 10 is hiding the other efforts made on the open sister distribution (and here i want to “slap” Vichar for paying to much attention to SLED and little to open in his last posts :-P).

I hope to have the time to recover quickly the thousand mail or so in the opensuse mailing list to catch on the latest news regarding the direction that are being taken (but reading the subject of various e-mail there seems that people have finally won to transform it to a support list, instead of a community commentary list on the state and the direction of the project openSUSE).

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SUSE Enterprise Desktop


suse logo Hi to everyone! Yesterday Novell announced the world the next summer release of their “Novell Desktop” operating system aimed at the enterprise and professionals market.

This release will include all the new eye-candy feature that’s been discussed in these months (XGL anyone?) and then some. On the page dedicated to the announce: we can see some screenshot. It’s been said (also on other pages) that using KDE or Gnome will be simply a personal choice of every user / organization.

Note, btw, the new control center in the screenshots, a nice logic and polished work.

Also watch out the commented and downloadable video showing all the new significant features.

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the differences between RedHat and Novell


Found a nice reading today browsing deep in my feeds:Red Hat vs Novell, the differences

have a Nice Read 😉

PS = in the mean time I’m still having some major problems with my SUSE machine, yesterday night @23.30 I had 3,33GB of updates to get – via the force update if available option via YaST – and this morning I still had to get 2,80GB of rpms ….. the line is an ADSL 4Mbs in download ….. don’t know what to do … erase it and start all over ?



Finally an official comment has come from Novell PS’s [1]:

There has been a lot of debate over the last few days in the media and on message boards about what is happening regarding GNOME vs. KDE at Novell. Here’s the situation. All future enterprise-class Linux product releases, including Novell Linux Desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Novell Open Enterprise Server, will continue to ship with both the GNOME and KDE desktop environments. In upcoming versions of Novell enterprise applications, the default desktop environment will be GNOME.

When customers install Novell Linux products, they will be given the option to choose either the GNOME or KDE environment during the installation process. If the user makes no explicit choice, GNOME will be installed. This change has no implication for current Novell customers. Novell will continue to invest in both GNOME and KDE and we will continue to offer maintenance and support for these products and their desktop environments throughout their planned product lifetimes. This decision has very little impact on either the openSUSE project or future versions of SUSE Linux. SUSE Linux will continue to showcase the newest open source desktop, development, and server technologies in a complete, stabilized operating system. SUSE Linux will continue to deliver both the GNOME and the KDE desktop environments along with the latest open source packages for those environments.