Eyes Opening

Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener

☞ Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener

A fascinating technical evolution that allows the photo-editing software, driven by artificial intelligence systems, to replace the closed eyes in our photographic shots with a pair of open eyes coming from our photo library.


New York, New York

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OK, I know … today’s Easter Monday and the sun shines and the weather is fantastic (at least here). Perfect day for going out and have a wonderful offline time. But if you’re not in such position – or mood – and want to relax at home reading something, here are my ‘classic’ five link list of posts worth a mention…

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Coming back after another month of hiatus, here’s my list of notable readings for this Sunday. Hope you’ll enjoy them.
But, anyway, leave a comment if you like to share your opinion…

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It’s been a while since I posted something in this Linklog category of the blog. While not all the topics on the next issues will be topical, I am sure you’ll find some good stuff, that’ll make you thing over the topics they talk about. Here’s today selection…