no more a Flickr Pro user

At midnight I’ll no longer be a Pro member of Flickr.

At the time I’m in a second run with it, since my original profile was abruptly deleted and I never had the chance to repair my error (I posted some fandom quality images of a Japanese manga creator). Anyway since I loved the platform in May 2008 I’ve reopened my account and always had on my iPhone the service’s app – even if I’ve used it rarely.

There were some great times in the past, where everyone had their account a whole 1TB of space, to put on the platform and to everyone’s computer (remember this scandal ?) Anyway I always thought it was a bona fide error and remain on the platform (which still IS the place to document many key moments at the millenium start in the tech world and more.

There the free meal (the 1TB) went away, also a new management came in and I was so hopeful to see things changing. I paid the annual fee to SmugMug hoping to see a revamp of the platform.

Still, one year later, nothing approachable has come to users’, in my opinion. Support for 6K video is a joke … clearly no-one will use the platform or the format. The Flickr Uploader was also a crazy tool … used to sync folders from my pc do an album. But if one shots a lot and want to showcase a ‘portfolio’ he will want to manually pick with photo to upload, and having a folder on the computer outside the preferred photo-management tool (Aperture, Lightroom, etc) is another joke.

To me Flickr is not a talent showcase, that place has been taken by 500px or SmugMug, or VSCO… it’s not a ‘fun place’ or a ‘marketing place’, now it’s all about Instagram marketing and internal shop.

What Flickr was, is and still can be is – in my opinion – a place where to place collections of photos, be a ‘family album’, be a ‘shared memory document’ for events (let’s tag WCEU2019 my photo of the 2019’s edition of WordCamp Europe along with all the people attending to it and see a moment unfold in the platform).

After a year, anyway, the new management still have to understand what to do with the platform. The ‘technical’ and ‘historic’ debt of the platform is huge, and to their merit I have to say I’ve never had an issue with the site, but the silence in their blog and all over the web makes me think that 54€ for another year of nothing is a bit too much … and probably I’ll better spend my time and money to build something in a self-hosted solution…

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